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The Wand Position
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Path To Your True Natural Being

To be as a child is the way. What does this mean? In order to find your way to your natural self, your true identity, the way you can truly be in this life, you must be very similar to the way you were when you were born.

When you were born you were very trusting, you were open, accepting. You had not learned to be cynical. You had not learned that - this is true and that is false. In other words you were your natural self then.

All throughout our lives we are trained and conditioned to be this way or that way, to be this culture or that culture, to believe these rules, to disbelieve those and so on but in order to be our natural selves we will have to focus - at least for moments when you feel safe - as that innocent child.

I have some homework for you. It's not so rare or unusual but it's something you can do. I recommend you do it entirely on your own because it will be embarrassing at first for adults, less so for children.

Pretend to be a child. I recommend you do this in bed or someplace soft. A couch might do just fine and as an actor might, pretend to be a baby. You don't have to be a baby physically quite obviously but pretend to be that in your thoughts and allow your body to move into positions that feel comfortable for you though may not be positions you would normally take as an adult.

This is something that actors are very familiar with so if you have a friend that's an actor ask them for a little guidance. If they want to know what it's about tell them it's an exercise to get in touch with your true self. I think they'll understand. Many actors have to do that in order to pursue their careers.

I recommend you say this living prayer first. Ask, always before saying these things, for all the most benevolent energies to be around you and all about you. Wait a few seconds and then say, "I am asking that I have now the capacity and the ability when being my natural true self to touch into that trusting child that is me at my root of my being here on Earth and that uniting the two of these things I feel my true natural personality, my true natural soul and my total natural spirit." Then do that thing I said - alright. I recommend you try it.

For those of you who've had trouble accomplishing some of the homework on this blog and on my other then you will find that the homework, after doing this exercise a few times or maybe even just once, will be easier to accomplish. Goodlife.


Margie said...

I shall do this tonight.
Thank you, Robert!
Always learning so much from my visits many good things!


Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Margie, thank you very much for your comments and for your enthusiasm as well.

Goodlife my friend.