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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Advice To My Friend On How I Know

Recently a friend that I've made through blogging put out a request on his blog for advice about a difficult time in the world. I can tell that he is attempting to acquire a certain amount of knowledge and wisdom not only for his own benefit but that he will share it with others as he sees fit. Since the question he asked was involved with how to know, this was the answer I provided to him and I thought I'd just share it with you as well.

My friend you have asked a most important question indeed. How to know the difference between opinions and advice offered by friends who may mean it with the best of intentions, that is of value and can be applied to your life and that which is not for you. It doesn't mean it's not of value but it is not meant to be applied to your life. It is simply meant to be let go and allowed to pass into the energy of the world of thought.
This is what I recommend. I'd recommend that you try something that has worked so well for me. It is a process, yes, it may not be immediately accessible but it works for me every day in all kinds of decisions. It is a physical feeling. I hope you find it to be of some value.
This is what I recommend. I recommend that you sit down in a comfortable chair in a quiet spot at a quiet time of the day - turn off the ringer on the phone so you won't be disturbed - and just ask for some quiet time from friends and family. Then put your hands on your heart area - just let them sit there and you'll notice probably, given your nature a feeling of warmth that is noticeable in your heart. Keep your hands there and let the feeling be present.
It might come up - that feeling of warmth might come up you see, in some other part of your body - perhaps your stomach or your solar plexus - maybe someplace else. When you notice that feeling of warmth see if you can just go into it - don't think about it - just go into that physical feeling of warmth and see if you can feel it more. I recommend then that every day or every other day you try to have that experience of physical warmth in your body - there's a reason.
Practice it for a week or two so that you can get to the point where you can just sit down or lay down quietly someplace and focus on feeling that physical warmth in your body even if it comes up in different places at different times - that's alright. It may come up here one day, there another day, that's fine. Maybe you won't have to put your hands on your body, maybe you will - either way is fine.
When you get good at this, you will then be able to use this as a physical means of: Yes, this is for me or there's another response in your body that is: No, this is not for me. It doesn't cast judgement however. It is simply - for you or not for you. I find this is a particularly appealing aspect of this work.
Then, what to do is this. I recommend that when advice comes to you no matter how logical and reasonable it is if you get an uncomfortable feeling about it then later on when you're on your own simply say out loud to yourself, "My friend gave me this advice today" and give a brief synopsis or just a couple of words about what he or she said. Notice how you feel in your physical body.
Do you feel warmth or do you feel a tightness or discomfort. If there is a tightness or discomfort just let it go right away. This means the advice no matter how well meant is not for you at least not in that form or not in that day. If you feel the warmth it means that this is for you or there is some aspect of it that may be advantageous for you to consider. If there is no feeling at all in your body, then rephrase the question and ask it another day. That's what I recommend.
It works well for me. I utilize it in all aspects of my life - not instead of thought but as well as thought. I find that my physical body has the capacity to offer this great form of intuitive wisdom to me and I hope it serves you well my friend.


Kirsten said...

This is beeeeeautiful, so well written, so right on, so very good...for me! Thank you!

Robert Shapiro said...

Thanks for your ongoing comments, Kirsten.