The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Monday, December 04, 2006

Feeling Spaces, Part 2

Last time I spoke about Feeling Spaces. This time I want to suggest that you do the exact same homework except I want you to feel the space from your solar plexus.

In that sense - run a extension of yourself - meaning feel, not with your solar plexus but run something out from your solar plexus. Here's what I mean by that. Sit down for a moment and look at the ceiling wherever you live and relax, put your hands at you sides and while you are looking see if you can feel anyplace on the ceiling with your solar plexus.

This amounts to reaching out from your solar plexus to touch something - you see. Now you're not going to be able to make the same kind of physical contact that you would - say touching something with your hand or foot but you might after you try this a few times feel some kind of sensation - okay.

Next you do the homework you did last time. Run that extension out from your solar plexus and notice the direction that you're walking in - does it feel good - then walk a little bit that way. If at any moment it feels uncomfortable, stop and turn slowly - I recommend turning to your left in a counterclockwise fashion until you feel a direction that feels good - then move in that direction.

Now you can see that this is homework designed to help you to become aware of your surroundings on a feeling level. It's very easy - and many of us have been conditioned - to talk ourselves out of our feelings. Very often feelings are referred to as emotions but emotion is a mental word that describes something vague and not particularly palpable.

On the other hand feeling, meaning a physical feeling, is crystal clear to us all. We have all touched things and we have all had physical feelings in our bodies. So it is up to us these days to learn how to use our feelings so that we can move or travel, you understand, in the best direction for us wherever we may be going and arrive by whatever route we take in the safest possible way.

The purpose of Mystical Man is to teach you how to get wherever you're going in the safest possible way. It may not always be about physical travel but ultimately it is about travel whether that travel be growth of the mind, body or spirit or whether it be about feelings or instinct - this is all part of your training.


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