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The Wand Position
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Thursday, December 21, 2006

More On Our Universal Language

Now comes the time when we have to face the music - what do I mean by that.

We have all had opportunities to notice the feelings of others. We don't always realize we're noticing the feelings but we will see various intense looks in the eyes of others and sometimes we will see looks in their eyes that seem meaningful to us and now and then we even know what they mean.

How to learn more about this so we can recognize it - here's what to do. Stand or sit in front of a mirror that is close enough to your face so you can see well. Then close your eyes and bring up within you a remembrance of some event or perhaps a feeling that you currently have and know how or what it means.

Then quickly open your eyes, note the expression in your eyes and quickly close your eyes. If you do this for just a moment, just a second or two - no more, the expression won't change to one of interest - you understand. It will reveal the feeling in your body.

I recommend this because facing the music now is recognizing our own feelings as demonstrated in our eyes and recognizing the feelings of others demonstrated in their eyes.

We've all experienced feelings in exactly the same way - granted not at the same times usually.

We have around us very often - even if we don't have people around us we very often have animals, maybe our pets. Especially with dogs this is noticeable - their feelings in their eyes but if you live on or near a farm or near animals that live outdoors then you might see this in the eyes of deer or certainly in the eyes of cows and horses.

We often recognize those feelings - sometimes they're easy to interpret and other times they're not so easy and yet since we all have feelings on this planet - human beings, animals, plants - yes we all do - then it might be to our advantage to know what the expression in our eyes means as induced by physical feelings in our body.

Practice this now and then when you have the opportunity so you can recognize what an expression in your eyes means according to a physical feeling in your body. It's another way to know and understand what your physical feelings mean.

It is a way, granted, to sharpen your compassion for yourself but also it is a way to understand the universal language. On this planet we all have feelings the same way and if we hope to communicate in the universal language that we have here which is feelings then we may make progress towards this end by trying out this homework for ourselves.

Facing the music is that - given the complexity of our languages these days and given the new words that are being invented because of technology and other innovation - our languages are not getting any simpler. They are every day getting more complex and if you add in the various slang terms and innuendoes and condensed words such as one finds in text messaging for example, language is getting more and more complex and even codified.

So - how to find the universal language. Fortunately we don't have to stray very far to do that for it is in - ourselves. If we can begin to recognize the expressions in our own eyes as related to feelings in our own bodies we might just, in time be able to identify those expressions and what they might mean in the eyes of our fellow human beings and then we don't have to face the music in some terrible way.

We can face the music in a benevolent way by knowing what others are trying to say to us even if they don't speak our language. This will be very helpful from one human being to another and may also prove to be very helpful for human being - animal communication. Something we could benefit from greatly, I believe.

So give it a try and see if you can learn your own feelings or if you like - face your own music. Some day we will communicate by feeling and when we do that, while we may not get every innuendo, we will as we get better at this pick up more and more feelings and subtleties portrayed in the eyes of others and then language may not be quite so divisive as it is now because we will have the universal language of feeling.

Give it a try, see if it can work for you. Goodlife.


Eileen Meyer said...

I am feeling happy wishes to you for a beautiful Christmas Day and holiday season.

Thank you for your wonderful heart and all that you share with us.

Robert Shapiro said...

Eileen, thank you very much for your beautiful message.

Your encouraging words and support are much appreciated always.