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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Student And The Teacher, Part 1

Have you ever wondered why there are so very many people on Earth at this time. Is it simply a matter of arithmetic, numbers, equations - no.

Long ago when there were fewer people on the Earth, people then had to live a little bit more by their senses. It is believed these days that people live by their wits but you couldn't live by your intelligence - you see you really couldn't do that then because you would often as a person, be moving from place to place according to how long it could sustain your life and the lives of your family or your clan or your tribe.

So you would move from place to place and therefore you would always be exposed to new plants, different kinds of animals and if you used your intelligence, "I wonder what this means" it would take to long you see. There would be things that could happen quickly. You would have to be able to use your feelings and that's why I talk about that on this site so much.

In these times people have become enamored of using our wits and they've become suspicious of our feelings. So - this is understandable when approached from the position of intelligence alone because intelligence has difficulty in quantifying and reproducing in a predictable fashion that which is sensed and felt since feelings occur for different people at different times though in much the same way.

Science has trouble with things like this - and intelligence exclusively also but we are born with all our feelings, we are not born with our knowledge.

What does that suggest. Our feelings are our primary means of living. Our feelings tell us when we are hungry, they tell us when we are sleepy - even intelligence does not count that out. Intelligence is not the enemy but it is the student and it has a tendency, speaking about intelligence as if it were someone, it has the tendency to serve its own needs over and beyond the needs of ones physical self and the needs of others.

That is why it is possible for people to ignore the needs of others because feelings are being ignored. In days gone by when there were fewer people on the Earth it was not something that you could ever do.

You would of course gain a certain amount of knowledge or wits as I'm calling it here but that would never supersede your senses - your feelings.

You might for example, approach a plant that had been perfectly safe to eat someplace else in your journeys but as you approach this particular plant it doesn't feel safe.

You back away - perhaps I would say, "Goodlife" and move on to another plant until you find one that feels safe.

Now you might say - well, that's a big risk just diving in and eating that. Well, you don't eat a large amount of it. In fact you would not eat it at all at first, in those days. You would first get close enough to the plant - slowly - as long as it felt good to your physical body you would get close and if it felt good - meaning safe, you had good physical feeling in your body, you might even touch the plant but most likely in those days one would simply get closer to the plant.

Now I want to say this, I am not trying to talk you into doing this in these times but rather I'm suggesting that there is another way of approaching life. There is another way of feeling life. There is another way of connecting to all life.

Feelings are the means. In societies on our planet where intelligence is considered supreme and especially in societies where feelings are considered to be untrustworthy and are suppressed in others - meaning others are regulated so they do not feel their feelings - no, I don't think so - so they do not pay attention to their feelings - that is how things get out of balance.

Intelligence is a student. Feelings are the teacher.

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