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The Wand Position
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Personal Note on Values I Recommend

There is a core set of values to do this work. I'm not talking about the processes, the techniques but rather what they're built upon. One of the things that's most important is to respect all life - and everything is alive.

Another is to have, at the very least, impersonal unconditional love for all life. What do I mean by that? It means that without singling anyone out that there is a basic love of all beings. This does not disregard the fallibility of beings and it does not disregard actions that are not always benevolent but it does regard all beings to have as their core of existence at least a spark of the generated soul from Creator. Depending on how you think about these things that is the core set, I feel.

Granted the Mystical Man or Mystical Woman would have many other core values that are associated with their personality and I'm not trying to exclude anyone. What I am saying is the values I mentioned, I feel, are directly associated with being able to do this work. It's not a job that is done 40 hours a week or 50 hours a week, it's a job that's done on demand.

That does not mean that you cannot have time for yourself or your life for you must always know that when it comes to the greater things involved in looking out for the population at large that there will be times that you will be asleep and others will do these things. It does mean that you have to be able through that which you learn, and willing through that which you do to do what you can to improve the lot of all beings.

Much of this can be done with True Magic, more can be done by other processes that you've read about here - techniques and applications and so on. I'm bringing this up to you not because, as I said, that I'm trying to exclude anyone but rather because I feel that these values are good values to nurture in your children and in others as well as in yourself.

I wish you well. Goodlife.


Unknown said...

Robert I was interesting in doing the gentle rain exercise for the Cape of Africa. I am in Central California so if there is a way to do it from here for there I would very much appreciate knowing it. Would you like to join me? Could we do a group sky hug and send the hug to Africa? Just a thought thank you sincerely.

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Unknown,

I have decided to answer your question publicly here on this blog.