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The Wand Position
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Monday, February 26, 2007

Gentle Influence With The Weather: Tornados, Part 1

Now it is time to start something new. I have in the past avoided truly deep subjects except for touching on them a little bit to give you previews of coming attractions.

Given the state of the world today I feel it is important to begin to teach you things that you can use in a crisis. In the coming weeks I will focus more on these subjects but for right now I'd like you to consider the tornado.

I am not suggesting that you stand out in front of your house and pretend that dangerous weather doesn't exist - what I am suggesting is that in ancient times and even in places today there are those who can deflect tornados. I am not talking about disappearing them.

I am talking in this case about deflecting it by way of requesting with physical energy that the tornado go around what it may be headed towards such as your home or barn.

I'd like you to practice on this before I give you any more and to do the practice you must work on something that is natural and by a natural form I mean something that exists on Earth beyond human beings.

I'm going to suggest that you work with clouds for now as they are widely available to interact with almost everywhere.

I'm going to suggest that you take your right hand alright - and make it flat as if you were going to shake hands, then move it towards the sky and with your left hand pointed down by your side with your palm towards your leg but not touching it - pointed at the ground you understand I'm going to suggest that you first start breathing.

Breathe in a little bit - through your lungs of course but imagine or for those of you who can - breathe in through your left leg or breathe in through your left arm and exhale through your right hand pointing it at the sky but do not try to move the clouds yet.

Then say this after doing that once or twice - say, "I am asking that the clouds co-operate with me and I will not overly do this. I will do this once or twice and only that for practice."

Then - while you're breathing and breathing in through your left hand pointed towards the ground or your left leg if you prefer, aim your right hand towards the sky and have your hand in a position that if you were to put your arm down your palm would be facing towards your right leg - you understand eh.

So move your right hand up towards the clouds and do not push the clouds - if you could reach them - you understand it is like an extension of your hand - do not push them with your palm. Rather - gently move the back of your hand against a cloud.

If the cloud is moving in another direction or wishes to move in another direction it might do so but it might slow its motion. That would be enough of a slowness to be perceptible to you. On the other hand it might stop.

I am not suggesting that you try to disappear clouds. They are important and they are part of Mother Earth's body but just move your hand back and forth gently parting the clouds if possible or moving a cloud by touching it with your extended energy from your right hand.

That's your homework. It is intended to be a step towards learning how to deflect dangerous cloud patterns such as tornados but we are a long way from that goal. Start with this and I'll say more about this next time.



Louis said...

This is what is really needed in these times. And the word in the title, "Gentle," is an important key. For so many, brute force is the only thing that comes to mind in most situations. People tend to consider gentleness as being wimpy and therefore they never know what sort of "miracles" a kind and gentle approach can produce.

Robert Shapiro said...

Louis my friend - I do so very much appreciate your insight, your wisdom and your acknowledgment here of the gentle path.

I agree with you in that it is not our job to control though there is no question that life here and its buffeting effect does create a seductive desire to control doesn't it and that is what we learn to do at an early age even if it's only to delude ourselves so that we might have the confidence that we can live and yet as time goes on and experience develops it is possible to understand and appreciate the gentle path.

Thank you my friend. Goodlife.

Louis said...

I was re-reading the post and remembered something. A couple of years back, I think, SJE had several upcoming books listed in the back and one of them was "The Man Who Turns Hurricanes." (I may not have the title exactly correct)It was your autobiography as I recall. Is that still in the works for sometime in the future? I'd love to read it.

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Louis. That autobiography is on a distant back burner with the company but perhaps will show up some day.

I grant that I may just be revealing bits and pieces here but someday perhaps it will show up under some sort of title :-)

How's that for vague. Thanks for your interest.

Goodlife my friend.