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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Welcoming Life That Welcomes Us, Part 1

Now it's important to begin a series here. As I said some time ago we were going to intensify the training here and with my weather series that was really the beginning of that. I've continued in some other ways because I feel it's important to use the tools that I have available at the moment to reach as many of you as possible with these skills that many of you can adapt into your own life in some form and perhaps discover your own true magical capabilities. That is my intention.

Today I want to talk to you about creating a harmonious environment for plants and other life forms that exhale oxygen.

Scientists have been concerned for some time now and many of them have reported this in their own journals and that's that the oxygen percentage in the air we breathe is steadily dropping. Granted, some of it is a problem associated with pollution but there are other problems and that is that the life forms that provide the oxygen are decreasing in number.

I do not claim to be a scientist nor do I have any particular scientific knowledge but you can research this yourself if you don't already know about it. So today I'd like to encourage you to think or research for yourself of one or two forms of life, plants come readily to mind, that exhale oxygen.

What a wonderful design yes - to have us who exhale, amongst other things, carbon dioxide - plants who inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. Certainly the invisible hand of Creator is available for our appreciation with such a design amongst other things there yes.

Let's do something today - I feel that plants, while they breathe what we exhale also are looking to feel safe. We all want that don't we - we need to feel safe so that we can live as well as possible but with the expansion of our own human population plants are decreasingly available.

We think that plants are ubiquitous don't we. It seems like they're everywhere but think about the plants most especially that are not planted by us.

I believe and I have been taught that anything that has been planted and watered by human beings where we want it feels nervous because those plants assume that they are not part of the natural environment on Earth. Therefore since they did not pick where they would grow and their seeds did not travel naturally by the way Mother Earth distributes seeds with motion, water and wind and sometimes through animals and other that those seeds do not necessarily feel safe and comfortable and this is not surprising.

One person has a yard with plants they love and cherish in their garden and over the years those plants are well tended and yet another person moves in and they decide that those plants are not to their liking.

Think about it. If you were that plant you would be nervous quite often because you knew that your life was entirely in the hands of a human being whom you might not consider to be quite as magnanimous as Creator.

So, it is not my job to blame anyone no do I want to suggest that Landscape Contractors are doing anything other than helping people to create beauty and to improve their environmental surroundings. However I feel we need, as those who wish to participate in these things, to welcome plants and to welcome seeds in nature and encourage that welcoming in the soil of Earth itself.

So today I'd like to say that the energy of welcome can be visited on the earth. I want you to consider that and next time I'll give you more details.



Louis said...


This is something I never considered...that plants planted by us would feel nervous because they are dependant on us for their survival. It certainly is understandable, yes.

When I used to take trips to Sedona and other places in Arizona I wonder if the plants in my garden at the place where I lived on the gulf coast used to fret that I might come back and rip them up and plant cactus. Hmmm.


Robert Shapiro said...

Louis, thank you for your comment and your observation.

It is an interesting thing, is it not, how we are living here on this planet with all these other life forms and being born and raised and conditioned into a life here - it's quite easy to consider them as part of the scenery. I know I did when I was younger but now I see things differently. I know you do too.

Goodlife my friend.