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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Being Optimistic In Challenging Situations

Now comes the time of responsibility for each and every one of us.

Many of us have been training to be able to function in our world on a day to day basis with our spiritual, physical, energetic and inspired facilities. It is important now to begin to engage these facilities within us by incorporating the magic and other forms of influence that I've been sharing with you on my benevolent magic blog and this one as well as other methods of inspiration that you feel good about that supports all life. I'm encouraging you now to partake in these activities every day.

There is a struggle going on now. While it may appear to be at times the struggle between good and evil - I believe and I have been taught that it is primarily for us individually an inner struggle between our old conditioning to expect the worst and our new capability to experience the best through our capabilities, through our benevolent influence and through an optimism that we practice as an exercise until it becomes habit.

I am not saying to be blindly optimistic, I am saying to flex our optimistic muscle so that we are able to move through the conditioning that we have been challenged with in our life.

I'm not talking about to discard our experience of life. I am talking about discarding the low expectations and the influence of others that discourages us from believing that we can have good lives.

We cannot expect others around us to live benevolently if we do not exercise our optimism muscle now. Such optimism tends to cheer people up. You know, you've been around people before that are optimistic and it can be a cheerful influence if done in a way that is pleasant. So first practice being optimistic and then practice applying it in our lives yes - in a pleasant way.

I know this might sound very trite and perhaps even of a small and less important nature but I feel it has everything to do with our inner struggle now to overcome the limits that we've been living with and to recognize that at least forty percent of these limits has to do with our conditioning.

So lets make the effort to live benevolent lives and to express that that's possible to others.



Margie said...

A wonderful post Robert!
You are so inspiring!
Thank you!


Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Margie. Goodlife my friend.