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The Wand Position
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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Gently Influencing The Weather: Hurricanes Part 3

Last time I gave you another step in the influencing of the direction and motion of hurricanes.

Lets do more this time and as I said before in part 1 it's possible for 2 people to do this. One who feels the warmth and can tell which way the hurricane might move other then the path it's traveling and two, the other person who can feel the bilocation better but one person can do it as well.

Today I want to talk about the effort to actually move the hurricane.

So now you have been able to figure which way the storm might move by practicing on the weather channels with the satellite pictures. I recommend using satellite rather then radar - it gives you a more complete photograph of the weather pattern - so then you can make your efforts now.

You have perhaps been able to bilocate sufficiently to do this. So this is what I recommend: say you note that the storm might be comfortable in the feedback you get, that warmth you get in your body suggests, that Mother Earth is prepared to move the storm that way and since our bodies are made up of matter from Mother Earth this is possible to note in our physical bodies. Granted there is more to us then that but for the purpose of this homework that is what is important to know.

Now I'd like you to try something. Say the storm is prepared, by the warmth you have felt in your body, to move well out to sea and perhaps further north - this example refers to the general area of the waters off Japan - where it will get caught up in a weather system that will take it well out to sea and perhaps farther north where it will lose its characteristics of a typhoon or a hurricane then this is what to try.

Bilocate yourself so that you can feel - always try to feel the water under your feet even though it won't be as strong as the kind of feeling that you would feel physically in your body, still there would be some sensation of it - so bilocate in such a location as you are out to sea in the direction where you'd like the storm to move.

Then imagine for a moment, imagine that there is a rope tied to your solar plexus and from your solar plexus to the storm itself. Again, you're going to be pulling it in the direction where you felt the warmth and it can go.

Then what I recommend you do is that you pull using the muscles of your solar plexus, which is as you know right below your rib cage, pull using those muscles - alright - pull in - meaning you're pulling using those muscles - you'll be pulling into your body.

So you don't pull with your arms you see, you pull with that part of your body because the solar plexus is the place where creation on a physical level is experienced more strongly in our physical body - either generated for us or noted and reacted to by us.

Pull from there pulling on the storm. You won't see it suddenly move even if it's a live action picture but you pull for about 20 to 30 seconds tops - no longer then that.

That indicates to Mother Earth that that is the effort that you are making and if she is prepared to allow the storm to move in that direction and to move away from land where it might harm and kill then 20 to 30 seconds is sufficient for her to know. She can feel all feelings. So, that's it.

Then you stop - alright. Even if you've had several other directions that the storm is prepared to move out to sea into a safer place - only pull one direction.

Never try to pull the storm towards land where it could harm or cause harm, that is not something I recommend.

Now, thats your homework for today. Again, you can do this with 2 people - one who can feel the warmth and one who can bilocate but one person can do it as well.


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