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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Gently Influencing The Weather: Drought

Now it is time to continue your education on gently influencing the weather and you understand that the reason I refer to this as gently influencing the weather is that in order for you to interact with Mother Earth you must get into the state of mind and feelings that you are a portion of Mother Earth for that is the way she feels about us, I believe. After all our bodies are largely made up of Mother Earth besides other that we know about.

So - today I'm going to talk about drought. I have spoken about this once before but I want to speak about it a little more.

As you've noticed, those of you who follow the news or just live in places that are affected by weather changes, there are changes on the planet. I believe that some of this simply has to do with the fact that there are so many people living here now that we require different resources.

I know that one way to look at the melting of the ice caps and the glaciers is to say that there is something terrible going on. I don't look at it that way. I feel that Mother Earth knows that we're going to need more water now for our own purposes and we may need more in the future because of the changes and the evolutions in technology - not the least of which is technology that can break down water into its component parts in order to "burn" it. I feel that this is a very unfortunate development in technology because while we may feel we have vast amounts of water there is really only so much.

Nevertheless, I am not here to condemn anyone. Let's talk a bit about drought. In order to welcome rain one must have a benevolent relationship with the sky. We know that rain comes from the sky and if you've been studying the posts on tornados and hurricanes you've noted many things I've said about the sky. Today let's move your relationship along a bit more with the sky.

I'd like you to learn how to do something and that is to welcome the rain physically. When you have the opportunity I would recommend that - let's say it's raining lightly, not so heavy a downpour that you can't afford to get wet - alright. So you go outside, it's raining lightly and raise your right hand towards the sky so that as your hand goes up that your palm is towards your face or towards the front of your body - you understand.

Then when you raise it you don't have to raise it all the way, just extend it as far up as you can comfortably. Then start moving your fingers as shown in the video. (If you're having trouble seeing the video then try this link:

I would recommend for the sake of this homework that you turn - do that for a moment in whatever direction you're facing - if possible start out facing the north, the west, the south, the east. You can - if it's not raining where you are and you need rain you see - you can do this.

I would recommend one more thing and that is - try to remember rain as it might have felt falling on your body and when you reach up with your hand to make that gesture it's as if you're reaching up and pulling down very slowly. It's important you do this very slowly, that's critical, all the while moving your fingers and say out loud in whatever language you speak, "Welcome rain" but when you say that - you're doing all these things simultaneously you understand - when you say that you must to the best of your ability feel a sense of welcome.

So I would recommend doing this - go outside, stand on the land - I recommend no insulated shoes - you could wear leather soles if you wish - alright or barefoot would be better but it's up to you then fill yourself with a feeling of welcome as you might feel if you were welcoming someone or you felt welcome.

Then raise your arm, make that gesture with your fingers and move in place around in the various directions or if you prefer just revolve slowly in place counterclockwise - alright - and all the while feeling and maintaining a feeling of welcome.
Then saying - moving your hand in that way and pumping your arm, as you might say, very gently - very slowly say, "Welcome rain" - alright.

Now for those of you, as I said, who need rain - okay - and have felt it you can before you start this and you are working towards that motion but you are welcoming - you understand - getting into the feeling of welcoming - you can if you wish - try to recall what is was like having the rain fall on your body but only if it felt good or you can remember it feeling good - then try these gestures.

That's your homework. It's a bit lengthy but that's what I recommend. For those of you who are living in areas where it rains a lot - don't do this - alright.

Now when you have finished your homework outdoors then I recommend that you go back inside or continue on with your life. This is something to be practiced no more then once a week and try to do it slowly and gently. That's my recommendation.

If you wish you can add this at the end. When you are done you can close your eyes if the sun is shining brightly or if not you can have your eyes open - you can look towards the sky and say, "Thank you and goodlife."

This keeps your relationship with the sky, which is part of Mother Earth on a personal basis. It is very important to keep it personal and to understand that you are asking someone to bring the rain and you are welcoming her rain.

Very often in this day and age people like it to be bright and sunny so they can go about and do their activities but you know - without rain where would we all be. All life needs water.

So, okay - that's what we're going to start with. I may do more on this soon. Goodlife.


Louis Hart said...

Wow! This works good. Even with my dial-up connection. By golly, I may get to learn that "deer walk" yet.

Does this technique work with snow too?


Robert Shapiro said...

Louis my friend, thank you for your question. I am glad you feel the value in this work.

It is not intended to be used for snow as snow is a storage system as you know for water. It is rather only intended to be used for rain.

Drought as you understand, is something that is really an urgent resolution. I'm not just talking - oh, my lawn needs to be watered - as you well know but rather that people, animals, plants, this is urgent - that kind of thing but in the case of snow while it has beauty and it is a storage system for the future - it is not that.

There is something for snow but I'm not prepared to pass that on just yet. Give me time, I'll consider it.

Thank you very much for your feedback. Goodlife my friend.

Louis Hart said...


These posts are so important because you are offering real things a person can do to help bring about needed changes.

This is also why I strongly recommend your "Shamanic Secrets" series of books. They are filled with techniques that can really make a difference in a lot of areas.

I thank you for all of the help I have received from you over the years.


Robert Shapiro said...

Louis my friend, thank you so much for those kind words. I do appreciate - very much.


canna said...

I have been trying to welcome the rain for several weeks with no success. It rains frequently within a mile of my home, but not here. I know it must be me, but I don't understand why. Is there anything else I can try?

Robert Shapiro said...

For canna,

Remember - when you make the gesture - to be in your hands. Feel them, be In them and make a physical connection to any Clouds that are in the sky - clouds only.


Anonymous said...

Today & yesterday snow and rain, felt this beautiful release then calming peace.

Robert Shapiro said...

Well done my friend.


Kirsten K said...

Hello, Robby,
I will try this today! It has been "threatening" to rain over the past few weeks with extreme humidity, rain clouds in the sky plus rain in other parts of the city, but not out here where I live...yet! This IS the 'Monsoon Season' afterall...
Thank you,

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Kirsten,

I'm glad you're going to give it a try.