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The Wand Position
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Friday, March 09, 2007

Gently Influencing The Weather: Hurricanes Part 2

Now last time I exposed you to a little bit of a refresher course and indicated how you could use posts from the past to prepare yourself for the next installment of hurricanes part 2.

Now I did suggest that it was possible to do this as a team but I'm going to proceed in the instruction as if an individual was doing this.

So, what you can do in order to get a picture of a hurricane is that you can go to any number of good weather sites that you can find easily on the internet that show satellite pictures of a typhoon or a hurricane in its position oriented on the sea or as it approaches land.

This is what I recommend as you see it approaching land - and for this you will need and could benefit most from using the heart warmth. Point with your finger, I'd recommend using your finger from your left hand - your first finger, towards the center of the satellite picture of the hurricane.

Then very gently, not suddenly, very gently move your finger up as if it was moving towards - say 12 o'clock on a clock - then back. When you move your finger back towards the center pull it back away from the screen every time you make these motions. That makes it clear to your physical body, which as I've said in the past is physically made up of Mother Earth's physical body, which - specifically - direction you are requesting that the storm might consider - by Mother Earth's standards - to move.

Then working your way counterclockwise around the dial of the "clock" - that isn't there of course - see, by pointing different ways - meaning moving your finger in a direction then back to the center, where you feel the most warmth.

You may notice several directions. Of course the direction that the storm is actually moving in will feel warm because that's the general direction that Mother Earth feels good about moving the storm but you may notice the warmth in some other directions.

If you do and the storm is nowhere near land - meaning hundreds and hundreds of miles away from land or even thousands of miles away don't do much. Let the storm travel in the direction it needs to travel as Mother Earth knows best but as it approaches land and if you feel warmth for moving it away from that land in some direction and only if you feel that warmth then Mother Earth is giving you an option that she would consider moving her storm in that direction.

If that is true, then consider what direction it might be. Does it move it towards other land - if it does then I don't recommend that but if on the other hand it moves it towards the open sea and most especially if there is a weather front approaching that might pick the storm up as weather fronts often do and carry it out to sea further where it will dissipate or weaken especially if it goes far enough into colder waters then that would be - perhaps - a desirable direction to encourage the storm to move.

It would still be rainy but it wouldn't be a hurricane or a typhoon anymore.

Then consider that you might be able to move the storm or influence its direction gently but for today I just want you to practice on seeing which way the storm might move - okay? Next time we'll do more.


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