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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Gently Influencing The Weather: Hurricanes Part 1

Now it is time to move on to a discussion and some instruction about hurricanes, also known as typhoons in other parts of the world.

These storms are large of course, imposing and often very threatening and yet it matters not when we are gently influencing the weather how big these storms are - size in this case does not matter insofar as the influence goes but it is important now to give you some basics of how you go about influencing their direction.

First of all, for those of you who have not learned how to do the loving heart - or heart warmth I feel it is very important to make an effort to learn how to do that now.

I will suggest that you review the material that I have suggested in that link and see if you can accomplish that heart warmth. I know I've brought it up before but it will be vital towards your knowing which way Mother Earth would be accepting of you encouraging the storm to move.

Even if you are unable to do it - or if perhaps you have a friend that can feel that you could still go on because conceivably one person could feel the warmth and another person or both of you could attempt the second stage.

I have also done a little bit on the second stage in discussing bilocation here, then here and finally here but now I want to do a little more.

In the second stage of the work it is very helpful if you can function in more than one place at once as I mentioned when I discussed bilocation. So after you've reviewed that then I want you to make the effort to be someplace else. Now I understand that sounds contradictory but you can actually function in a way in more then one place at once.

As I stated in the bilocation posts which you have read over and perhaps practiced a bit you can actually feel yourself in another place. I want you to do that now.

In this case it is important since we know that hurricanes operate primarily and most often over water, though they do go inland of course - that the most important thing is to bilocate to a point where you can feel water under your feet.

Now that feeling will be a odd experience because you won't feel it the way you would actually feel water under your feet - say if you stepped into a puddle for instance but in this case it would be good if you could make the effort to imagine it.

I'd like you to - for this post - to feel yourself standing on the water which you can do since you are of course sitting in your chair or wherever you actually are physically but in the bilocation, feel the water under your feet - and that's all.

This is a refresher to bring parts together. In the next post I will say much more about the actual motion that you can apply to hurricanes but for this one it is primarily a refresher course for you.

So feel the water under your feet in the bilocation and see if you can turn - you don't even have to see anything in that other place but just turn, feel the water under your feet and then refocus on your position in the room or wherever you were when you started this. More next time.


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