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The Wand Position
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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Understanding Mother Earth: Lightning

Now a few words about lightning. It is very important to allow lightning to be.

I know I have discussed weather in its various faces and personalities here for a while and I have not mentioned lightning up to this point in time - at least not specifically. It is very important to understand the vital function lightning plays not only in allowing Mother Earth to balance her energies but in improving the quality of our lives.

When lightning strikes, and you have all seen this, it is a thing of beauty and of course is also a bit frightening.

And yet Mother Earth uses this energy she creates in her skies to discharge discomforting energies on her body - meaning on the surface of the Earth and to a degree under the surface that have accumulated there.

Sometimes the accumulation might have been for hundreds of years, other times perhaps more recently. It isn't always to do with things that human beings have done there or have done near there but many times it is and it isn't always because of a single happenstance or circumstance, many times it is an accumulation.

When you see the lightning flash only once, meaning there is no apparent double flash as you might see perhaps in slowing down a video of lightning, then Mother Earth is only discharging the land and dispersing that energy to make her body more comfortable there and also it will make that land more comfortable for us - human beings and animals for some time to come right there and in the immediate environment.

What about when you see the lightning flash twice? When you see it flash twice, what happens is the discharge takes place first but that area may be someplace special for Mother Earth. Perhaps there is strata underneath that we do not know - nothing valuable, nothing obvious but a place where Mother Earth needs to charge the soil and the rocks and the sand beneath - and so she will charge it with the double flash - that flicker we sometimes see in a lightning strike.

What occurs there not only brings her own body into balance, it not only charges that part of the land but it also builds up and sustains a current of energy that supports all life.

Have you not noticed after an electrical storm when you go outside how refreshing the air seems to be - how vital life force is in its presence. Lightning is to Mother Earth's body what breath is to our own. It is the stuff of life itself.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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