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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Gently Influencing The Weather: Flood Part 2

Last time I spoke to you about engaging the sun. I want to elaborate on that a bit.

In order to truly welcome the sun it is important to engage it which in this case means to attract it.

If Mother Earth is cleansing herself with rain it is not for us to stop that process but sometimes because we, as human beings, become conditioned to things as we are often conditioned when we are young we become expectant of things to happen even if they are unpleasant or overwhelming.

It is this expectancy which creates an unintentional attachment to the least happening that is good and even expecting the worst. Granted, we might do this sometimes so that we are not disappointed in life but other times if a great many people are expecting the worst - meaning for it to continue raining and continue raining to the point of flood and beyond there must be some people who know how to engage the sun - in short how to attract it.

So this is what I recommend. You have perhaps studied welcoming the sun by now and even tried that out a little bit or at least considered how you might try it out at a time when it is needed. Engaging the sun is a little more so of that.

Here's how to do it. In order to engage the sun you must feel a kinship with it. This does not simply mean pretending to be the sun which others can teach effectively but it must be a kinship that feels safe.

I have mentioned this in other places - perhaps not on these blogs but I'm going to go over this now. This is a method you can use also to purify yourself - meaning to free yourself of energies and entities that may be harming you or could harm you not because they are malevolent but rather because they are lost or unable to find their way. Purification in this sense means that you will be able to release them from your energy body and they will be able to be transfered to where they need to be and it is a win-win for all.

Now this is what to do and the steps must be followed exactly as I've laid out to have the best effect. In this case the sun will not in any way be harmful to you because even though it is the sun in the sky, as we know it to be, the sun is not hot and we are not effected by the heat but rather we are effected benevolently by the light.

This is what to do. Picture yourself to the right of the sun and you can be standing or sitting and if possible actually feel yourself there. Those of you who've learned how to bilocate here, then here, and also here - that's the best way but if not visualize yourself to the right of the sun. Know that the sun will not be harmful. It is strictly a large light experience.

Now move very slowly. It will feel slow but it will take you about - maybe 30 to 40 seconds to move from the right to the left right through the sun and in that process - in that 30 to 40 seconds or maybe even in some cases a minute - possibly a little longer you will feel a lot of stuff fall away from you. And now move all the way through the sun.

As I say, if you can feel yourself moving through that mass of light it would be best but if you simply see it - as in a visualization that will be of some help as well.

When you are done moving from the right to the left simply be where you are - meaning if you are sitting or laying down and relax for a few moments and then open your eyes. See how you feel.

If it wasn't that good for you because it was a visualization then practice the bilocation as I've laid out before.

This is a good way to engage the sun because it allows you to feel the sun as something that is entirely desirable not just a light creating being in our world - alright.

So - when it is raining too much what you do especially if you can bilocate is you experience yourself moving through the sun and when you are doing that - you can be indoors by the way or outdoors, it doesn't make any difference - when you are doing that feel that good feeling you have because the sun has removed the discomfort from you and that friendly feeling will help you to welcome the sun to a greater degree on Earth where you are.

There is one last thing to do here. If you can say the following Living Prayer I recommend you say, "I am asking that all beings here in this area that is flooding or soon to flood feel a sense of great personal warmth and welcome for the sun and to expect the sun to be out, the sky to be blue, the ground to dry up as it is in its most benevolent state and for life to go on in the most benevolent way."

There is a follow up to that as well. When you see people, every time you hear someone say - the rain will never stop or other cynical statements simply say to them the following.

"The sun will be coming soon - expect it" or "I heard that the rain is going to lift and that it will be sunny soon." In short - it is like a suggestive statement you see but it is also to encourage people - alright. It is important to encourage and support people to not just believe something in the face of all evidence to the contrary but to encourage them to encourage others that the rain cycle can return to its normal state of being.

It is important to move beyond expecting the worst even if one is trying to avoid being disappointed. That way the cycle of cynicism can be broken and it is possible even to engage a cycle of optimism. I will say more about a cycle of optimism in times to come here.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Christina Chalréo Breault said...

I so much need this right now.

Robert Shapiro said...

Goodlife Christina.