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The Wand Position
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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Touched By All Life

Do you know that one of the greatest hazards on Earth these days is that people, human beings yes eh, all over the world may not be having a good life - and that seems to be obvious to a great many people but what are the ramifications of that.

There is the key you see. Here is the issue and you know I am not a doomsayer but I am putting this out here for those who may understand global implications and wider circles of co-operation.

If people are striving for a better life and have the hope and belief that they can have that better life, generally speaking the world goes on and even thrives - but if enough people are suffering so much that they don't want to live anymore and would just like it all to be over with as quickly as possible then you have a serious problem. This is obvious as well.

First let me put you in the picture. Right now a great many animal species and even some plant species do not feel welcome on the planet and because they do not feel welcome they, in many cases, would like to "go home" and what this simply means is to no longer incarnate on the planet - meaning that no succeeding generations would incarnate either no matter how hard people are trying to bring that incarnation about.

So lets just say that these species while not having a death wish per se are nearing a stage where they might have that. This does not mean that they are going to plunge off a cliff, ala the idea of lemmings but it does mean that they are feeling hopeless and would just as soon that it be over with as quickly as possible.

This is part of the reason you are seeing certain changes in your global weather patterns as well as increased volcanism and yes to a degree a greater melting of the polar ice caps and melting of ice masses in general.

This is not because they want to take the whole world with them but rather simply every individual when you count them up - millions of individuals within the animal species are not feeling welcome, not being allowed to be themselves or being wiped out for one or other reason.

I am not here to accuse anyone nor am I attempting to change the world by myself but I am suggesting that we learn from that phenomena. If these Earth changes are being caused or even supported by all of these individual animal beings feeling unwelcome and because of mistreatment as they perceive it which only an individual can understand, you know when you're being mistreated but others may not know, then if we apply their situation to the human being that would not be good would it.

Suppose human beings start to feel the same way then I think we will have even more rapid Earth changes. So I am suggesting that we consider not only this state of affairs for human beings but the state of affairs for animals and plants. Lets consider that everyone and everything is alive and has feeling.

This is what I believe and I believe this on the basis of my learning, my teaching and my experience. If we consider that then we can consider perhaps treating people better, treating animals better, treating plants better. It's something for you to think about. Please consider it.


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