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Thursday, October 25, 2007

More On Relieving Drought Conditions

You have perhaps noticed articles written about or live in areas where there is drought. I have given some knowledge about inviting the rain here and here and have mentioned rain in many other posts but I'd like to mention something else and also to comment.

I have discovered and been privileged to view at one point in time how at least one species of animals on this planet can call for the rain. I may have mentioned this before but I'm going to mention it again since it is so pertinent to this post.

One day when living in Sedona I looked out my window and I saw in the back yard a gathering of ants. I had made some effort to put out some foods that they might be able to use and also attempted to put out water for them but did not always do it right though I think they appreciated the effort.

Fortunately there was a cactus in the back yard and over time I noticed that when they needed water urgently that they would go to the cactus and - not taking all the water from the cactus but just going to one broad leaf they would take what they needed from there - always and only just what they needed and then they would retire to their home.

Nevertheless one day when I looked out the back at the opening in the concrete to their home I saw a number of ants there, a crowd you might say - perhaps eighty to a hundred very closely together and they were doing something. At first I wondered - is it alright for me to look at this as I have great respect for what peoples, including animals, do in ceremony.

I had the feeling immediately however that it was alright for me to observe as long as I didn't stare. This means to glance at what you are privileged to see and then look away and then glance again and then look away but do so with respect so you're not staring at them for your stare might interrupt what they are doing. You know, if somebody is staring at you you often get the feeling of discomfort - animals are the same.

So while I was glancing at them I did notice that they were leaning back and forth - together closely and leaning in unison back and forth and back and forth. Of course I wondered what they were doing.

Shortly thereafter after they had completed their dance, as I call it, it began to rain. Not a lot - just a little. I might add that there was not a cloud in the sky and I mean nothing nor had there been a cloud in the sky that day and I had a good view from where I lived. But out of the sky from no clouds discernible to my eye came a few drops of moisture and even though it wasn't enough to give them what they needed that rain was special. I can only say that there was something unique about it and it was clearly a gift, a blessing.

So - some of you have wondered why I have devoted myself to finding out the innuendos and nuances of animal life and why my book, Animal Souls Speak is so dear to my heart but I'm bringing this up to you so that you will have the knowledge that if you are living in a drought area - be kind to the ants.

If you can find out what they like to eat as they have different things - different groups have different things just as we have our own tastes - some like meat, some like sweet - like that, you can look into it (you can read more about this process near the end of this post on my experiences in Brazil if you like) - then if you can make an offering and even plant a cactus perhaps so that they can have water and be sustained and ask them if you would like to - ask them if they would stay outside and live there while you live inside your home - in this way you would honor them.

You can also do this after you've established those boundaries and offerings. You can, if you like, say the following living prayer within their line of sight - meaning perhaps outside - nowhere near where they are walking so they are safe. Always try to give them plenty of room to walk where they need to walk. Then say, "I am asking that Grandmother Ant speak to the ant people and request that they do their dance wherever they do these things to bring the rain in the most benevolent way for the land here and all the peoples." That's what I recommend you do.

Grandmother Ant is a spirit who can hear in her own way the entreaties of the human being and transfer your request to those whom she oversees, guides and assists. We have our guides and they have theirs.

Try to remember that there are many different species on the Earth. We all work in harmony in many ways and while floods for example, disrupt and cause tragic consequences to us - so they do to the animals as well. So there is no chance that when the ants do their dance for rain - no matter how successful it will be - it will never cause a flood for they are susceptible to such tragedies as well.

I have spoken to you a great deal on this site and my other about what you can do to invite benevolence and what you can do to communicate with other forms of life. I will continue that in order to support your interaction and capacity to commune with all forms of life.

Here is our training ground on Earth to commune with all forms of life and to bring about the most benevolent existence for us all as we work in a interconnected way to support our environment, to support our lives and to support each other.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Patrice said...

Dear Robert,
We are living just in the middle of aa potentially very beautiful park in Tokyo. Lots of old trees, there is also a big artificial lake that attract seasonal birds.I said the place is potentially beautiful because I feel the trees and all the creatures, even the water are not really considered as sacred, the result is that the water of the pond is getting quite rotten trees are weakening and the crows assemble almost everyday and shout in group like if they were releasing anger or stress. There is a Shinto temple in the middle of the park but it feels like if they do things very formally. Any suggestion about a way to help this beautiful place to regenerate and feel loved.


Robert Shapiro said...

Patrice, your question is worthy of an answer more than brief. So I will provide a more thorough answer in an upcoming column including your question here on Mystical Man in a few weeks.

Goodlife my friend.

Patricde said...

Thank you Robert and also for the answer about my question on the other of your blogs.