The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Precursor To Healing, Part 1

Now I want to start something new for you here. It will require a lot of close observation and it may not work for everyone but it's something that has been addressed in one of my Shamanic Secrets books and it has to do with ancient methods that support healing and detection that something may be needing healing.

You can use it on yourself and you can also use it with a loved one, preferably a mate, or a very good friend as long as they are open to practicing this with you. Make certain that that is the case so that it will work the best.

It involves use of your capacity to notice fragrance. It is a practice that requires your being able to notice subtle changes so it will work best in a room or a place that you're either very familiar with and used to the fragrances that are present or someplace where there is no particular fragrance that you can detect.

Then this is what to do. It might be worthwhile, if you want to, to take a bath or a shower without using any soap that has fragrance within it but if that's not convenient you can skip that step though I do recommend at least taking a bath or a shower to rinse yourself from the days activities.

Then after drying off and wearing whatever garments you wish, something lightweight would be useful unless it's cold where you are then wear what you need to wear - after all really all that's needed to be exposed initially is your hands, then the thing to do is to pull your own hand up to your nose - the back of either hand - and just smell it.

You probably won't notice anything because you're used to your own smell but in order to check your capacity to smell, if that is in doubt, you can always smell something that has a distinct odor. Oh, such as any product that comes these days - soap or anything like that that you happen to have handy.

If you can smell it distinctly then put it away so it doesn't interfere with your detection and then ask your mate or partner if you can hold their hand for a moment and hold the back of their hand up to your nose and notice if you can smell anything different than your own hand. This does not mean anything at this point. This is practice.

Then I want you both to sit opposite each other. Not to the right, not to the left but opposite if this is at all possible and focus on some feeling - meaning I recommend you start with happiness or joy. It can be love but try to make it the same feeling that you're both focusing on and while you are focusing on it - so this will involve having to do 2 things at once - while you are focusing on that feeling to the best of your ability allow your mate, or your good friend, to smell the back of your hand.

Now remember you're sitting opposite each other so your knees are not touching - alright - you're feet are not touching.

So at some point when you both feel like you're into that feeling stand up or move closer together but do not touch each other and smell the back of each others hands. You can do it one at a time or you can do this both at the same time - it's up to you. See if you can notice any difference in the odor.

Then sit back down opposite each other again and focus on the feeling of being tired. If it's at the end of the day this may not be difficult but if it's a day or a block of time you've set aside to practice this then focus - imagine being tired. You don't have to imagine being dead tired but very tired. Then again when you both have that feeling stay focused on that feeling and smell the back of each others hands.

This is what I recommend to start with. Goodlife.


Margie said...

Always learning from you, Robert!
So good you are here!
I shall try this...thank you!


Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Margie, I appreciate. I also appreciate the wisdom and beauty of your poetry on your blog. Thank you.