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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Light As Life

All around us is life including that which we do not see but there are moments...

The other day, while working with my publisher on a book project we're both enjoying, at the end of our talk together I happened to glance at a wall to my left and briefly flickering on the wall was a red light - red being the color of Mother Earth's mountains, energy and vital life force - in varying patterns.

I've recognized such light patterns before because they are accompanied by benevolent energies - and by benevolent energies I mean that the energies feel good and compatible with me. Normally when I see these light beings they are not red or orange in color, normally they are lighter colors. Usually white or gold, sometimes blue or purple but on this one occasion it was red.

The energy was very enjoyable, soft and gentle and I felt a sense of persona with the energy. I'm bringing this up because I've had several encounters with such beings since I've gotten into this work and it brings to my attention and I hope to share with you that these beings are around all the time. They don't, granted, always make contact like this but they are around.

A few weeks ago looking out towards the sea I saw a green light emanating from the sea and according to the actions of someone in a boat that was near it I could tell that they could see it also. I do not know whether this was caused by an action of human beings or whether more likely considering the brilliance of the green it was caused by something other than human.

I can't rule out animal life but considering how bright it was, and it was broad daylight, I'd have to say that it was not something caused by human beings. I believe that it may have been some other form of life as well.

In my experience I often see these beings of light and over the years having seen so many different shapes and forms it has gradually come to me that this is a natural form of life.

I believe that when we depart our physical bodies that we are also these forms of light. I have seen or also witnessed through the eyes of others, in this case referring to animals memories, such lights leaving humans when they were in dire troubles.

I mentioned this before when I spoke about the loss of my neighbor but what I didn't say when I told about that was that when I was part of the search party looking for my neighbor and her truck in order to try and find her or to at least aid in the recovery I was searching along the flooded creek and I happened to see a duck that was a visitor that had been coming annually for a while just to visit - I believe along the lines of flight, migrating from one point to another because duck would only stay a few days and then be gone.

When seeing duck I asked, as I am prone to do with animals - have you seen my neighbor. And duck looked at me for a moment and then I saw what duck had seen - duck sharing their memory with me.

I saw the neighbor in the water and suddenly there was a light leaving her body - a white light and it moved up and I knew that that was ducks way of telling me that she had moved on even though her body continued to struggle and make the attempt to survive as our physical forms will do even though our soul personalities have moved on.

Light Beings, as I'm calling them, are sometimes very advanced and spiritual beings. Other times they are just like you and me, in fact maybe they are you and me. I believe that the structure of our soul when it can be seen leaving the Earth is light. We have been told many times and many ways that everything is light and perhaps it's so. According to my experience, a great deal of life is light.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert. Do you think that the light that leaves us before we pass on is a luminous cobalt blue light? Sometimes I see lots of little sparkling blue lights. Are these other beings or just the fabric of the universe? Do you also know why the crows always fly East as the sun's light is fading every day at sunset? Lots of light questions, Robert! Thanks!

Robert Shapiro said...

Anonymous, I have known others that have seen lots of the little sparkling blue lights too and I have seen them occasionally myself. I am always saying when I see them, "Goodlife" and take their appearance as a gift. I'm sure you feel this way as well - and so I say goodlife to you too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Robert. Yes, the lights are very special. Some people call the light the Blue Pearl. I've seen the Blue Pearl, yet these lights are numerous, and yes, they are a true gift to see. Hope all is well for you, Robert. Thanks for your continued dedication to your blogs. Goodlife!

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you for your comment Anonymous.