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Sunday, April 16, 2006

With The Assistance Of Grandmother

There was a time many years ago when I had an opportunity to get to know somebody better after their death then during life - does that not sound strange?

I was living in a trailer park that was in a particularly nice area of Arizona. It was however an area that was prone to floods from time to time - not generally devastating floods but just rises in water.

The person I referred to was my neighbor - lived nearby me. Oh, we would wave - you know how it is - you wave at your neighbor and then you go on about your business. We never really had much of a chance to say anything but, "Hi, how yah doin?" You know, like that.

One day there was an unexpected flood and my neighbor being unused to the area and the way things went there did not know or perhaps forgot that the water would roll over the bridge that led from one place to another and that even though it may not look like very much it could be more that it seemed and it was the case on that day.

It was enough so that her small car which was not very heavy was floated over the bridge and into the water and while my neighbor was strong and athletic she could not fight it and disappeared downstream. Heroic efforts were made by other neighbors to rescue her but it was not possible. Such tragedies happen often and when we read about them or hear about them we are sad and perhaps we say prayers as I often do.

Still this was somebody that I knew, not well granted but a neighbor - quite a shock. Something happened shortly thereafter though that was an unusual event even in my life.

I remember that there was a search on for (I'll call her) Ronni. It was a search and rescue for a time and then it became a recovery for a time. I was sitting in my trailer pondering the suddenness of my neighbor's disappearance when all of a sudden I saw Ronni walking cheerfully along the path that led past my trailer to hers and she looked perfectly joyful, perfectly happy the way she always did - even more cheerful actually.

The thing about it is that she was - I could see her in complete form - she was a light being - beautiful white and gold and I jumped up and looked at her. She glanced at me very surprised but not upset, smiled and continued on her way.

I suppose you could just call this something like a ghost experience but it's not frightening at all. She looked wonderful. I had never seen her look so cheerful. She walked around her trailer, walked around the park a bit and then came back and sat in another part of the trailer and looked at me and she said, "You can see me" and I said, "Yes" and she said, "I had heard that you had gifts and were a Shaman. It's true isn't it" and I said, "Yes."

She said, "I wish we had gotten to know each other better but I don't know how long I'm going to be here" and I said, "You're welcome to stay until you feel the need to move on or you can come and visit anytime you like."

So for the next sixteen hours she would come and go and when she would come by she would sit, though I didn't get the impression she was tired - just putting me at ease perhaps and we'd chat about this and that. Never anything about after death experience. It didn't seem right you know.

She would talk about life in the park and how beautiful it was and how she never had really noticed how beautiful it was during life. It was a pretty place. Many trees, friendly neighbors - a nice place to live.

At one point though and it was about at the sixteenth hour - she was talking about something - I don't remember what and all of a sudden there was a white light behind her and she said, "Oh, Grandmothers here" and I saw with the light - two arms of light reach out and reach around her as one might see someone hug another person from the back and pull her gently towards the light and then there was only the white light and then she was gone.

It was a magical time. I was comforted by seeing her be so happy and heres the postscript - at almost the same time - the recovery operation was successful and she was found. I'm not saying that there was an absolute connection between the recovery and the coming of Grandmother but it seems like there may have been and I'm happy I could be there for her after her passing and I'm feeling it's alright to share this story with you now. I'm hopeful that if any of her friends or relatives read this that they will be comforted to know that she was happy and moved on with the aid of Grandmother.


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