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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Shamanic African Art, Part 2

The last time I started speaking about African art shamanic objects.

This time I want to speak about the original objects - meaning that which is ancient and/or comes from times where very specific intentions were meant for the object, often a small statue or figure of a person not always looking exactly like a person but frequently suggesting a person perhaps influenced by something. This has usually been referred to by Anthropologists as a deity but it is not always meant that way.

Many times it is to suggest the feelings that a person has so that when they are caught up in the desired feelings that the object is intended to stimulate that they expand in certain ways not just physically but that the feelings of their body - you understand, you sometimes might call these emotions but I prefer to use the term feelings because in the physical body there are actual physical feelings going on - so the object is intended to represent an extension of feelings and this is why sometimes the objects appear to be other than human - meaning not quite human or more than human.

If you have an object like that whether it is in a museum or a private collection or whether it is simply in use by others - great care must be taken when touching it, when even looking at it and it is profoundly important about looking at it.

I would recommend that the safest way to look at an object like that would be through a compound mirror and this is what I mean. Imagine for a moment having something sitting on a pedestal. Opposite it is a mirror, then opposite at a angle that will allow that reflection to be reflected would be another mirror.

If there is that level of reduction of energy you could look at the object, not stare at it but you could glance then close your eyes and examine what you have seen in the memory of what you've seen in that compounded mirror.

I know that many of you might think that this is excessive caution but remember that these objects were created to have an influence on the physical feelings of people - to operate very much like medicines are intended to operate today. The medicines of today are intended to stimulate the physical body essentially to heal itself or sometimes there are more direct actions by medicines - that's my analogy for this article.

So the next step in your treatment of these objects is - if they are going to be viewed in an art gallery I strongly recommend the compound mirror.

Nowadays all human beings, as I have stated on this blog and my other are becoming much much more sensitive and receptive. Many of you have noticed that in talks even with friends and family and loved ones - yes - that the other person you are talking to is much more sensitive than they used to be.

Sometimes this creates improved communication, other times it creates more misunderstandings and there are times when you are arguing about things that you never argued about in the past. That is because people are intended to be more sensitive. This is what I've been taught and this is what I believe not only on the basis of trusting my teachers but also on the basis of knowing from learning and observing.

Now, I want you to understand something and that is this, such objects are to be treated as influences - meaning that they can and they do have influence all the time. If you look at something that is intended to have an influence - no matter how much its been handled it doesn't lose its impact - then I recommend that certain cautions be taken.

If you are handling the object for any reason try to look at it as little as possible unless you are desiring to have the impact of the objects original intentions upon you.

If you are handling it I recommend that you use gloves but that the gloves not be of a natural material. So not leather, not cotton. In this case I would recommend using gloves that do not transmit energy, that do not in that sense allow for the reception of your sensitivities function.

So I would recommend using some synthetic or even gloves that have some kind of metal foil built into them. Such things exist but even a pair of synthetic fabric gloves would work well. Definitely do not use silk. That is highly able to transmit energies.

And now when the objects are not in use they ought to be kept in a wooden box that does not have any nails in its construction. It is possible to create such a thing. There are craftsmen and women of course around today who can create such things using wooden pegs and so on.

Wood can be insulating as you well know and it is a natural product but this is how to place the objects. Using the pair of gloves and looking at it as little as necessary, place it on a shelf in the wooden cabinet and then simply close the door gently - never slam the door. Loud noises will often stimulate such shamanic objects. Then close the door gently.

Remember - no metal in the box or cabinet itself meaning specifically in that part of the cabinet where the objects sit or stand. Do not lay the objects down - as in prone. Have them, even if they are in containers, in a sitting position or standing up. This is better and does not tend to activate the objects. Sometimes laying down or being prone is part of the activation process.

Alright - now the preparations of the cabinet are as follows. The cabinet is, if at all possible during construction, to have a sandwiched layer between layers of wood of some kind of heavy duty aluminum foil. This will allow the object to retain its own energy within the cabinet and also not broadcast that energy to people who just happen to be passing. This also allows the object to be at ease and relax.

Remember - the object is always intended to have influence so it is essentially working and not unlike a person, since it is a spiritual object having shamanic influence, it also needs to rest. And if you put it in the cabinet like that then let it rest for at least 24 hours. Don't take it out unless it's a matter of emergency - the building is burning down or something like that, that's what I mean by emergency or someone needs to be influenced because of an emergency.

Now - let me go on a little more. The influences of these objects are truly intended to be profound yes and accumulative - meaning that once you've been exposed to the object the energy and its influence builds up in you and does not leave. Truly the patterns in your body of your bodies function will take that energy on, will disperse it to places in your body where it's most benevolent for your function of your body and over time as you take on other influences will become less influential but it doesn't go away.

I'm saying this now because those of you who are involved in new fields of medicine having to do with influences of energies need to be encouraged to pursue these things as well as those of you who have been in the field for a long time, though you may not be in the fields of medicine, need to also be encouraged to know you're on the right track.

I'm recommending that if you wish to experiment with such things that the experiments never be done on human beings because a human being would not get over the influence and other human beings that they might be exposed to who are highly receptive - say babies for instance or young children might pick up those influences if they are exposed to that person who has been exposed mightily to these objects - meaning significantly to these objects - and that influence is present in that adults body for about 12 hours.

So if you're going to work with these objects make it a point to not be around babies or little children - meaning children of 7 years of age or younger - for at least 12 hours after your exposure to them.

That's all I'm going to say about this now but I will have further comments about these matters in the future.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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