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The Wand Position
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Friday, January 04, 2008

More On UFO's

Some years ago a friend or two and I would go out to the California desert to a place we knew about to look at UFO's. I may have mentioned that before but there's one thing I forgot to mention and that's that one of the things that happened regularly was that we would see these lights and they would start moving down from the sky.

We were sitting on a hill overlooking a small road. To our left was a vertical cliff rising considerably above us.

These lights would come down at an angle of about 45 degrees at a high rate of speed but not so fast that we couldn't follow them with our eyes. They were just light, it was no obvious matter but they would come at this high rate of speed right at the cliff.

The first time we saw it we were a little upset because we weren't exactly sure what it was. It would go straight at the cliff and then for all intents and purposes appeared to go straight into the cliff. It would happen with some regularity.

I'm not trying to say what it was, I'm only saying that it was another phenomena of our experience out in the desert.

It's been a great deal of time since I've been there but I do remember these events and I thought I'd share another one here with you today.



Louis said...

Hi Robert,

Reading this post and the one your link sent me to brought to memory some things I had forgotten. Good things. Like you, I'm not one to see "evil aliens and haints" lurking under every rock just waiting to jump out and get me.

I am sitting here thinking my writing has mostly gotten off track from what I really like to talk about. I need to correct that.

Goodlife from the voice in the snowstorm.

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Louis, glad you liked the post. Hopefully your experience as "snowman" will be simply an experience of beauty and joy of winter as compared to "now where did I put that shovel." :-)

I am also hopeful that you and yours will be able to see your way through the winter in the most benevolent way. I just completed a living prayer towards that end for you. A lot of energy came through to support that desired goal.

Thank you for your ongoing comments here and for your contributions to the well being of others on your blogs.

Goodlife my friend.