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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Seeing. Now And In The Past.

Lately I've been noticing a great deal of energy activity. I see a lot of lights and shadings. I'll explain.
Very often I'll see a beautiful patch of light in the air. It is originally something I could see with what I would call Subtle Vision - meaning that I would remove my glasses, I wear glasses, and then I would be using my natural vision. Granted maybe not as crystal clear as high definition television but pretty good and things, how can I say - I could see more. Isn't that ironic? Take off your glasses to see more but that's how I originally trained for this.
Now I can see things with my glasses on but I needed to train with them off for a while and originally I would see quick flashes of light - usually a pinpoint of light and then it would be gone and there would be nothing else, just that. Usually it would be white light, then eventually there were other colors.
I recall a time when seeing an unusual shape. It had sort of almost square like or blocky shapes, like a big square on the bottom and then a couple of other squares sticking up from the top - hard to describe in words and at this time I don't have the means to show you a picture here - sorry, I'm not to technical - I'll do the best I can though - and that was sort of a dull green color. I'll tell you the story about that some time but today I want to say that learning how to see with Subtle Vision trained me so that I was able to wear my glasses eventually and still see. I believe I may be able to see more with my glasses off at times but at other times - glasses on - doesn't make any difference.
Nowadays I've been seeing a lot of these patches of light - yes I still see pinpoints but more patches of light and I notice them longer. Sometimes I'm able to observe them at length. They are usually shapes, not what I would call anything that looks like a human being though there was something like that once - I'll tell you that story someday too but I want to keep in the present here. The big difference these days though and for several years now is that when I see these patches of light - beautiful colors usually - blue, purple, sometimes other colors, green - when I see them there is now a wonderful energy that I feel with them, it is really quite spectacular.
I've also been seeing something more frequently lately that is not quite the same - it is like a grayish color, sometimes there seems to be a motion with it. I'm pretty sure I know what that is though there is other possibilities.
The grayish light is something I observed out in the California desert years ago when I used to go out there with two friends. We had places we could go to observe activity in the skies - we might refer to it here as UFO's. One time there one of my friends that I went out with at that time, I will refer to him here as E, began noticing something. Usually he would be looking in one part of the sky and I would be looking in another part but on this one occasion he and I were both looking at the same place and it wasn't the sky at all, it was towards the land in the distance and I started describing what I was seeing.
It was like a superimposition over the landscape of something that looked like a silhouette of human beings although they were in motion - seemingly quite fast. I asked him what he was seeing and he described the same thing. It was like seeing - imagine a - a screen over a screen - the landscape was still there but this sort of pantomime - there was no sound - was present. We decided at the time that it was a second dimensional reality which isn't to say that it was a lesser reality but that was our model for understanding our reality at that time.
That experience may be coloring or creating a bias for me looking at these grayish images which I see in patches and also at times snatches of that same kind of motion and pieces, you might say, of it. Nothing that makes any sense in our world.
I don't feel that benevolent energy from it though so I always do what I've been trained - to emanate a benevolent energy towards it and interact with other Beings to do what I can for those patches of color in the gray to slightly darker color. The energy feels like it needs help so that's what I do.
I cannot say and I don't wish to interpret what it all means at this time but the activity has picked up greatly and I'm just bringing it to your attention at this time because I think there might be those of you who have had experiences like this before as well. I've been approached and asked about it at times in the past from people who wish to have channeled sessions or were experiencing forms of ET or UFO contact that were difficult for them to assimilate and carry on with their lives in ways they would care to. Those are the exceptions. Most people have benevolent forms of encounter or recall them but there are these exceptions.
I don't feel threatened in any way by seeing these grayish images. I do not buy into the idea of evil aliens. I think that's a - something that is mostly disinformation. I grant that there are possibilities to have unpleasant experiences - Contactees have been known to have these - I grant that that's so. In my experience with Contactees however, the vast experience is benevolent.
I'm just providing these few comments for you because I've been telling stories from my past and I will tell more perhaps but I want to also share with you things that I see now. There's a great deal more but I will just share little bits with you from time to time. I wish you all well and hope that these comments will give you something not only to think about but to consider. I will add this one short recollection.
Once when appearing at a conference in Brazil widely attended by people from all over the world, I talked about something I had seen in the skies. It was one of my recollections about UFO's seen or lights seen.
I had a moving experience afterwards sitting in a booth area where people could come after the talks. A young man came up and told me about an experience he had had as a child when an image of light came to their very small town. Many people greeted the light with happiness and it felt wonderful to them but there were a few people that were frightened and those feelings in them were also heightened.
He had suppressed the experience since after the experience was over in the small town, people didn't know what to make of it. Those that had had a good experience cherished the memory. Those that were frightened including this young man's relative - I believe was his Grandmother - had a bad feeling about it and urged him to try to forget about it and he had until I'd given that talk at that time.
He didn't pass any judgement on it but he said that when he saw it it felt wonderful to him but that he had forgotten it and suppressed the memory because of what his Grandmother said. I found that moving at the time because as he was telling the story he was going through the feelings and I could see that on the one hand it was thrilling to him to remember it and he remembered it with fondness and on the other hand it was painful for him to remember it since his Grandmother had been so frightened. I don't know whether to say this was something that was good or bad. It is just something I recall and I'm passing on.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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