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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Crop Circle Impacts

Many of you have heard of crop circles. I'd like to suggest the best way to view them if you're looking at pictures. Ideally the pictures would be seen from directly overhead encompassing the entire crop circle. When you have the picture in front of you, turn it slowly - ideally to the left.

Just turn it slowly until you feel that this is the best viewing angle for you. Don't be attached to what others say is the top or the bottom - that's not important. Don't be attached to what anyone says about its meaning. Just turn it until it feels exactly right.

Remember it's a symbol and it may feel completely different to different individuals. When it feels completely right this is what I recommend you do. Place your right hand, not your left hand, palm down on the photograph. This way if it does not feel quite right when you touch it you will not take in much of the energy. You understand that this is strictly a photograph but it is a symbol as well.

So, if it feels alright and even comfortable or even good - yes - when you put your right hand down on it then if you choose and only if you choose you can lay the back of your left hand on it - not the palm. That's very important because your left palm is highly receptive but the back of your left hand, while it is more receptive then the palm of your right hand, is not as highly receptive and you can't be certain of the impact of that crop circle photograph.

Now - if it feels very good to you and only if it feels very good, and I don't mean it thinks good - I mean that it feels good in your body - for some of you who might feel the warmth you'll know what I'm talking about, so then if you wish you can hover - meaning hold your left hand over the photograph once you get it turned in the direction that's best for you. Do not touch it with the palm of your left hand but you can come within 3 to 4 inches of it if you wish.

Now you could go through a book that might have 4 or 5, 6 pictures of crop circles or more. Every time you see the picture turn it until it's just right for you. If the pictures are too small and you will wind up touching print or some other aspect of the book, don't do that. Try to get pictures that are big enough so that you will actually be able to touch them with your hand and have your hand touching nothing else. That is the best way, I feel, to assimilate the energy that feels best to you.

Crop circles are nothing more than symbols quickly placed in a field of a crop that will bend to the energy that it is exposed to.

Most crop circles are real. Only the occasional one is a joke portrayed by individuals who are out for a lark or a laugh but these are easily recognizable because those in the crop circle detection field, I don't claim to be one, but those in the field can easily recognize the broken stalks and so on as well as the fact that there's no energy from it.

But if you're around an actual crop circle, even if you don't normally feel energy you will probably feel something and if you are sensitive to energy you may be quite impacted by the energy.

Given that I recommend that you have water with you. If the energy is too much either step outside the crop circle or drink water. In any event I don't recommend remaining inside the crop circle if it is reasonably fresh - meaning within 4 hours for more than 5 minutes tops.

The energy would have an effect. It will certainly effect your dreams, it might effect your life.

It might interest you to know that the real intention of doing these things in crops is so that birds will come along, eat the seeds or carry them off and spread the energy. One often sees birds around crop circles. They are not impacted in any way but they spread the energy even just landing and touching with their feet - off they go to spread the energy but if there are no birds around for some reason then the wind will do that just fine.

I will say more about this phenomena another time. Goodlife.


Louis said...

Happy New Year,

This is a great subject to begin the year with. I don't know much about crop circles and will look forward to your further posts about them. The site you included the link to looks like a good place to do some studying.


Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Louis, best new year to you too my friend.

I'm glad you like the topic, I'll see if anything else may be forthcoming in time.

Goodlife my friend.

Louis said...

Hi Robert,

I just had an interesting experience. I had printed out a copy of a crop circle and put it on my desk to work with later. As I was reaching for something I unintentionally placed my right hand on it. I immediately felt a rather strong surge of energy. Even now, five minutes later, my hand is still tingling.


Robert Shapiro said...

Thanks for sharing that Louis. It is a good example of what can happen.

Goodlife my friend.