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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shamanic African Art, Part 3

Previously I have been discussing the use and misuse of African art shamanic objects. Today I want to comment just a little further.

Some years ago certain objects that were used very lovingly by African shamans to invite the beings from other planets associated with the home with many of the African peoples - the invitation was sent in part using that sacred object and it had in the past benevolent results.

The beings did come, did visit, share knowledge and wisdom and departed. So this was a particularly useful and powerful shamanic object. Unfortunately over time this object was stolen and passed through different hands and right now the people who have it have no idea what it is.

This is a very powerful object and it has had over time unexpected results. Some years ago there was a spike in the amount of extraterrestrial visits to this planet. These beings came because they felt invited. This is because this particular object, while no longer in the hands of the original shaman, had been used once again but the people who used it did not realize what it could do and did not understand that it could only do the one thing.

It was created to invite visitors from afar and regardless of what it was asked to do that is what it could do. And these individuals who had it - they don't have it anymore fortunately but who had it requested that it do this and that according to their personal agendas - and I'm not trying to blame them here. I'm just saying that they knew enough to know that it had energy about it and they attempted to use it for various purposes but since it was entrained to work only as a means of inviting friends from other planets that's exactly what it did.

For a few years there was a great many visitors from other planets, many of whom were completely confused because they did not understand why they were not being received well. So - I am not trying to suggest that all contacts from other planets had to do with the misuse of this object but I am saying that such things are strong and need respect.

So again I want to remind people who have these objects or have touched these objects or have copied them thinking that they were art only that these objects, at least the original, is a shamanic object and can be used for exactly how it was intended to be used created by that shaman and utilized by that shaman in years gone by.

If you feel that an art object you may have - as you might call it, an art object or a sculpture - if you feel that it has a special energy then you must be careful with it. It may be an original shamanic object or it may be something that was near the original. If it was near the original it might have picked up some of the energy especially if it was made from a similar type of wood or other material.

So I'm going to recommend that you be careful what you ask for around that object - not because for your request may come to pass but it might activate that object and whatever that object was intended to do it will amplify it and it may begin to function at least for a time as its originally intended purpose. So if you feel that energy then I recommend that you either approach someone who has knowledge of these things or seek out someone like that or perhaps simply put it in a cabinet as I described in a previous posting in such a way as it can rest and not impact with its energy other people and societies.

Remember always to handle such objects with care - gloves would be useful as I described in Shamanic African Art, Part 2 and know that I again am not blaming here. I'm just suggesting that care be taken with shamanic sacred objects at all times because you may not really know what they can do and you might unintentionally misuse them or you might create a problem without realizing it. So be respectful and if you're not sure create a cabinet as I've described and store them in that cabinet until you can find someone to consult with on these matters.



sundancesue said...

Grandfather - is a rainstick an object that requires handling with care?

Robert Shapiro said...

Sundancesue, please see the new post (
spiritual-object-for.html) under A Mystical Man's World. Your question was good enough that I felt it deserved a post in its own right. Thank you.