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The Wand Position
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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gently Influencing The Weather: Drought Part 2

Now for those of you who want something a little extra beyond my last post on this subject here is what I recommend.

If you are living in an area of extreme drought you could if you wish try this. It works best with standing water - meaning water that is natural or if you have a creek even if it's running very low that's alright but if you cannot get any other kind of water then locally bottled spring water might work but it's better to utilize even a puddle of natural water - you understand what I mean by that - not processed through a bottling plant.

This is what I recommend. Stand or sit near that water and examine it. You can imagine what it might look like if it were in its microscopic level but it's better to just look at it, you don't have to touch it, and experience it to the greatest of your ability.

This is not unlike an actor being a tree as it is in the famous artist workshop lecture series. Imagine it as yourself. Try to feel yourself as you would be as water.

Work on that for a time and see if you can note some feelings in your body, on the surface, anywhere in and around you.

Then while you are in those feelings, and those feelings by the way must be comfortable - if they are uncomfortable immediately stop and let go of this work but if they are comfortable then immediately look up into the sky and release those feelings. That is all with this work.

Now I will comment more on drought before too long but I wanted to add that for those of you who wished to try something that was less complicated or what I would recommend is to try this as a supplemental to the last work.

I realize that my previous post was complicated and even at best was difficult to understand without considerably more video or ideally an in person demonstration but you understand that given the nature of blogging and my level of technological expertise, which is not very great, it is the best I can do for now. I am hopeful it will be helpful to some of you especially those who are in drought areas or areas that are overwhelmed by lack of water resources.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Louis said...


Can those of us who live in a place that is not suffering from drought do these techniques for the areas that are needing the rain? Kind of like "distance healing."


Robert Shapiro said...

Louis, you have asked a good question and I feel it is so good I'm going to build on it for a post very soon.

Goodlife my friend.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your valuable and inspired insights, and exercises! I would like to take the liberty of wishing all your readers and yourself a most Happy Spring! May we all be in Harmony with Nature and the Elements!
My Best
Bobby Angel

Robert Shapiro said...

Bobby, thank you for your comment and well wishes. May you have a most benevolent life experience as well my friend.