The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Saturday, July 01, 2006

How To Know

Have you ever noticed a sign that something is coming - something's going to happen. It's a feeling, isn't it - not usually punctuated by a vision - though some of you I know, can do that.

It's a feeling. Because of our conditioning and our life experience here in our challenging world, that often has good things too yes, we react to that feeling.

It is good to use our instinct but often we do not understand what it means. A little homework, a refresher for some of you if you like.

Go out someplace - if you can, go to the woods or perhaps a park or someplace that feels calm and safe. If you don't have a place like that then go to someplace in your house that feels that way.

Here's what I'd like you to do: Approach some object - be it a tree or a wall, not a human being eh, and walk slowly towards it. When you get near it, be it tree or wall, take your hands and put them in front of you with your palms forward and your arms pulled back towards your body and push about - you're standing maybe about three or four feet away from the object - push slowly out with both your arms and then stop.

The purpose here is not to keep the wall away from you or keep the tree away from you - I want you to notice your feelings in your physical body. How does it feel?

Then go back to the position you started. If you wish to make a few notes of how it feels, that's fine. If you feel you can remember the feeling that is also fine.

Wait about five or ten minutes. Try not to think. Don't have the radio on if you can help it and don't have the TV on - so minimize the sound if possible. You can plug your ears if you like, if you're in your home you can use earplugs - whatever it takes.

Then begin your walk again towards the tree or towards the wall. This time continue all the way until you get to the point where you can either bump into the tree or the wall or if you like, you can put your right or left hand out - whatever is the hand you use the most - and instead of putting your hand with your palm facing forward put your hand in the way you would shake hands or contact someone benevolently and instead of using the palm of your hand use the back of your hand and gently touch the tree or the wall, very gently, very softly. Notice how you feel.

This is training you see, to help you to recognize when a feeling in your body is that of a warning or when a feeling that takes place in your body is that of perhaps something good. It is all done safely and I recommend that's why you find someplace safe you see.

I will give more on Instinctual Training as time goes on as it is my intention to help you and support you to achieve a deeper knowing of your instinct - how to apply it, what to do, how to know and how to understand your feelings.

There is a place for us all in the physical world of instinct - as in the animals, so in us. We can learn. I have had some success with this and I recommend you experiment as well.


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