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Monday, March 31, 2008

Magic To Improve The Lives Of All Beings, Part 4

I've been running a lengthy series here on Mystical Man because of changes I want to encourage you to apply.

I've given a lot of instruction on benevolent magic on my blog with the same name and for those of you who've been following along, reading and applying what you've read on that site, I'm sure if you have not already said living prayers in association with what I've been speaking about here in these past few blog posts then you are waiting for something to be suggested in this series that you may do.

First off let me say that I'm not suggesting that any farms or farmers be blamed. Remember that farming techniques have been long established for certain types of animal raising but there are many farmers and ranchers, perhaps even the majority, who treat their animals with great care and respect.

It is something that we need to do, I believe though, to change the consciousness of what are perceived by peoples - human peoples of course of the world - as to who and what deserves our respect and honoring.

Some of that was suggested in the channeling that you read in part 3 but I also like to suggest things that you can do as spiritual students and teachers here reading this blog.

First of all I'd like to suggest the application of living prayer if you have not already said one and this is what I would recommend you do. First ask that you receive and experience the most benevolent energies that are available for you that you can experience to feel - and then pause until you have some sense of feeling even if it is just a feeling of inner love, compassion and kindness or a genuine feeling that you recognize of energy which may also come with those feelings as well.

Then I recommend you say the following words, "I am asking that all beings of the world receive care, love and respect that is due them on the basis of their simply being on Earth and being here to exist and thrive in the most benevolent way and that this respect come from all peoples - humans and others - and that this result in the most benevolent life for all beings."

Now there is one other thing I recommend you do and I will take that up in the next part. Goodlife.


Anonymous said...
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Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings anonymous Peter. For one thing, aside from the intent of your comment let me remind you that these books are channeled from the most benevolent sources I am able to bring through, though since you did not state the book you were reading in the Shining The Light series or the page number I cannot refer to it myself. Perhaps you would do that in a follow-up so that I can attempt to understand your interpretation of this material.

On the other matter, the attempt to further the blaming of one aspect of humanity or another has always kept those in the sinister secret government able to remain where they are. You know the old saying, "Keep em fighting amongst themselves and they'll never see who their real enemy is."

I am not so attached to these things or interested in them myself in terms of the shining the light material but it is important to remember and it is up to you to decide whether it's important to you, it may not be, that we are in this thing together. If we hope to bring about a more benevolent world we will have to begin with ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I don't have the book with me at the moment but I will in a few weeks and I'll give you the book/page numbers then.
The intent of my comment was pure and honest, I want to know more about your intent. Is the imformation in your work to be trusted? I truly wish I did not have to suspect everyone in the new-age movements, politics, truth-seeking movements etc but after nearly 20 years of study into these areas I do.
This 'sinister secret government' may well have ET roots but the bottom line is that this planet is looking at it's biggest exercise of litigation in it's history. I think the physical 'flesh and blood' criminals (bankers, media moguls, politicians, disinfo artists etc) will end up in court before any new-age will emerge.
Perhaps all this channelled material is true, perhaps zoosh et al are the most benevolent sources you can bring through, my investigation will no doubt take me to the truth eventually.
On the other hand, it may all be a sophisticed attempt to hookwink us all into practicing magic rather than getting together and demanding that the police get out there and actually arrest people.
I hope I'm not causing offence with my remarks, that is certainly not my intent.

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Peter, I am not offended by this now remark of yours and I recognize that you are stating your opinion as honestly and truly as you can.

I for one am doing what I can in the way I am able to attempt to improve our lives. There is nothing more complicated than that to it.


Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Anonymous Peter, this is a follow up - I hope you get a chance to read it.

Since you are talking about my books and this blog here and all my other blogs, with the exception of the amazon blog since that is about my books for the most part, do not hardly ever relate to that I feel that it would be better for us to take up this discussion if you wish to carry it on for a while on my amazon blog (
.x=10&Go.y=5&Go=Go) since that blog more closely represents my books and this seems to be something you're interested in.

That's what I recommend and that's where I will meet you when I am able. I'll check that blog more often for your comments so post them someplace where I can find them - probably on the most recent thing I posted there which isn't very recent I grant you but that's what I'm requesting you do and that's my plan is to meet you there.