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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Magic To Improve The Lives Of All Beings, Part 2

Recently I have spoken here about my no longer eating any kind of poultry. I'm sure because of recent events developed in the world many people are a little shy about eating such things even when you've been assured that chickens for example, have been raised in a humane fashion.

Still - when beings are living in conditions of a complete lack of freedom and a sense of - born to doom, and I think that there's some other types of beings who understand that feeling, then not only does one develop fatalism and even a attraction to self-destruction but also one develops a view of the world on the basis of ones own path that has been visited upon them.

In these now times of increasing populations of our own peoples we have seen some of these things emerge in our own peoples. I feel that it is drawn out - meaning come into our own population - not because of anything individuals have done specifically but because of a need to feel the feelings of others so that we can do something to help them and also to experience the capabilities we have to improve the quality of life either by some physical act that we do to improve somebody's life in a benevolent way or through some spiritual, shamanic or mystical practice that we perform to improve the lives of all beings.

That's really - what I've just stated there - is the purpose of these blogs.

So - I'd like to share with you in part 3 something I received from two beings whom I have grown to trust over the years because of their advice. One of them is a being that most of you don't know about - meaning that being has not been published through my usual outlet, Sedona Journal of Emergence and I have not published that beings words through any of these blogs and that is a being who simply refers to itself as Medical Expert.

The other being many many of you have heard of for various reasons, and that is Isis.

In the following part 3 I would like to put up a transcript of what they said and then I may have a little more to say.



Louis said...

Hi Robert,
I look forward to Part 3.

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Louis.