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The Wand Position
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Monday, March 24, 2008

Magic To Improve The Lives Of All Beings, Part 1

Many years ago I was guided by strong inspiration and by beings that I had built up a trust in because of other things they had been saying through me for many years. What they said I have mentioned before on these blogs and that is they said that it would not be a good idea to eat chicken any more as chickens were being mistreated many places in the world - that they were in dire need of improved living conditions and that they often led cruel lives.

The cruelty being imprisonment in a very small space - really hardly room to turn around and then they had no opportunity to live some kind of life.

The problem with considering a creature to be domesticated for the purpose of becoming a food group is that there's a tendency to look at them then as a lesser being, not just a lesser being because they are quote - an animal - unquote but also because they are destined to produce food for human beings and also to be food for human beings and that that destiny prescribed to them is all they're here for and nothing else.

I know a great many farmers treat their chickens with much greater respect, allow them to move about quite a bit and even though they may have that attitude about them do not treat them harshly but many places in the world including on our own shores at times - chickens and other birds are treated very harshly especially when it comes to the time of their death to become part of our food.

In light of that I was guided to stop eating chicken many, many years ago and I did immediately. I was also guided within a short time to let go of turkey at some point - eating that - and while I was guided that it was not as urgent as letting go of chicken that any form of eating poultry I would have to let go of.

I admit I was reluctant to let go of eating turkey but at some point I was guided that I really had to let go of that and I did and that I did do about - oh coming up on 10 years now ago.

So - the issue then is one that I feel is becoming more pressing. In part 2 I'll elaborate a bit more on this but for now I wanted to give you that background.


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