The Wand Position

The Wand Position
Often Used for Magic

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Energy is a substance that is constantly available. I'm not talking about what goes into your car or what lights up your house but rather subtle energy that is ever present.

Those of you who are able to feel this or utilize it in your work or for your inspirations know what I'm talking about and most of the rest of you who may not know that feeling very well will know before long because the nature of life is becoming much more energized.

Partly this has to do with how many more people we have on Earth right now but also it has to do with the animals and plants, some of whom are being displaced by our increased population but others who are simply drawing to a close their time of being in existence on this planet.

According to what I've been taught and what I believe on the basis of my experience many species of beings - some in the sea, some on land and some underground are moving home to their own planets through the life cycle process or in some cases just migration. This migration can be done energetically.

I have seen some evidence of this. Some of you know what I'm talking about - a sudden flash of light that is apparent. Sometimes you're not sure if it was there but then it is immediately followed by some energy that you can feel. Usually something very good.

Often this is a form of life moving through a window - or also known as a portal to return to their home environment often in another world somewhere. This is happening, I believe, to remind us that our world is in transition and the veils between forms of life are getting thinner.

In order to be comfortable with this just know that we as human beings are gradually assimilating more of our total being - so what we may have been provided by animal or plant species spiritually, energetically and yes even emotionally we may be able to provide for ourselves now.

So don't assume you can't do it, whatever "it" may be especially if "it" is benevolent. It might be possible to do it benevolently. Just assume that it is always possible and seek for ways to accomplish that project, that idea or that application - it can be done now perhaps. Many things that we felt in the past were impossible to do may be possible. If not on your own then in co-operation with others. Don't rule out solutions. Do rule in possibilities.


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