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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Learning What We Will Teach

You might reasonably ask yourself why are we on this planet to learn something that we know absolutely and live as a fact of life all of the places in other lives on other planets, everywhere - why we on this planet living the lives we are living, to learn patience.

We call it patience on this planet and many other words for it in other languages as well as in English because it is something that is often hard to do. And yet, beyond this planet it is so natural there is no word for it - it is just life.

We accept it, we welcome it, we live it but here because we do not remember our other lives as being a portion of the sequence of our existence then we are forced to learn patience or at least discover if it has value in our lives.

This can only mean one thing and that's that we are being entrusted to learn something because of others we will be working with at some point.

I have been told in the teaching I've received, and I believe on the basis of my experience, that we are all here to learn - and I think that you may agree with that.

Is that learning because we don't know or is it possible that that learning isn't because we don't know. That learning is to be able to have compassion and to identify with what others are going through so we can be good teachers and yes - Guides.

I believe that many of us, possibly all of us, are here because this is guide school. Some day in lives on other planets, in other existences we are going to be guiding beings and as you know the best teachers you've probably ever had didn't teach you something that they had no experience with - they taught you something that may just have soaked in because they had been there, they had done that and they had resolved it in their own way and while one example of resolution from one teacher may not be enough - once you've met many teachers who have all resolved it in similar or completely different ways whatever the problem is it begins to soak in doesn't it. These people know what they're talking about and maybe I could learn something from paying attention to their experience.

I believe this is guide school and I believe that we are learning something in this way on this planet because of those we will work with someday.

If you stand back and look at life here a little bit you might see that that makes sense even though it doesn't make life here any easier. I believe this is also why life here is not that long for many of us.

Oh yes, we've all heard about people who live to be a hundred - a hundred and five and so on and this is always interesting at the very least but most people do not live that long. I believe this is Creator's gift.

This is school and very often it's difficult. Certainly there are joys and many times of happiness to say nothing of humor and fun but there is also difficulty and struggle and yes - pain.

I believe that Creator has set this up as a school for us so that we could learn compassion and patience which we have absolutely in other lifetimes, in other existences and I believe everywhere else. The only possible reason Creator would do that is because Creator is helping us to learn something that we will teach. This is what I believe.

Goodlife to you all.

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Sophia said...

I never understood the whole "we are here to learn lessons" idea. You say learning to guide, guide who? why would they need guides? and for what? The whole idea of it presupposes that there is somewhere else where these "lessons" are useful - but anything we are learning from experience here is useful here not anywhere else, it applies to experiences here - not in some future life on another world.
That's why the whole idea makes no sense - anything you can learn from experience is valid for that experience - when that experience is over its not valid anymore (until another similar experience occurs) - so unless the "lessons" are going to be repeated (in which case they are not lessons - just events) even after they are fully learned then what is the point of learning them. Its an absurd theory.