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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Seeing Beyond What You Can See

Whenever I look up into the sky I am constantly conscious of not only what is there - clouds, blue sky for instance or stars, moonlight - I am also conscious for what may be there that I may see.

I have mentioned this before from time to time on these blogs but this is something you can look for as well. The simple thing that I've suggested before is to focus on the air space between your eyes and whatever you are looking at at long distance - say for instance a cloud in the sky.

Concentrate on the air space between there. Granted you are not actually looking at some thing but look that way towards the cloud as long as the sun is not shining brightly or causing you discomfort. This is a good way to practice to see things that are there.

It's true that someone standing next to you may not see it. On the other hand if they are doing that - looking at the space between things - then they may see it and you may not or you may both see the same thing or you may see something slightly or completely different.

Why does that happen? You will often find people who will see perhaps something unusual - an anomaly in the sky or a light and they will describe it differently.

For one thing, some of this may be having to do with their own biology - and I am no expert in that - but other reasons come into being here. Some of it has to do with the way light waves move from one place to another and this again has to do with science for which I am no expert but I think you can find that if you wish.

From what I do know and what I've been taught and what I believe, I believe it has to do with a preparedness to know. A - yes, an attitude but an allowance in your own mind and body that that which may not be seen by others could be seen by you.

Now I'm not talking about things you might see if you've had too many beers for example. I'm talking about things that you see in a completely rational sober state - and you can train yourself.

Try the little thing I mentioned on studying the air space between your eyes and something else and feel free to make comments if you see something. I'm pretty sure some of you have already tried this. I will say more about this in time.


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