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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Continuing Illumination On Instinct

I have spoken a great deal on instinct and you will find some of that teaching here, then here, followed by this and then this and also this.

I am concerned however that there still may be a misconception about instinct. The assumption is that it has a quality of mystery to it but in fact there is no great mystery.

Instinct is about touch - your body touching the surroundings. Now I grant that you may not consider the atmosphere or the air in front of you something that you touch although in theory you can understand where it might be considered touching as you move through the air around you but there is more there than air.

There is also feelings - meaning that which is contacting your feelings as well as the radiated feelings of all other beings and by all other beings I do not mean only human beings - I also mean plants, animals and Mother Earth herself to say nothing of the broadcast energy of Creator, Angels and so on.

Instinct is not mysterious at all. It is our reaction to those feelings. Do you know, you don't have to try to figure it out. It's not meant to be figured out, it's just meant to be felt.

At this time of year many of us are experiencing winter where we have to have lots of clothes bundled on us but it's coming on towards spring isn't it and it will be possible to, at the very least, remove gloves.

Now, I want you to try something when you are able to have your hands exposed to the outdoors. If you are not sure what instinct feels like then you can try this - and you can even do it indoors if you want to.

Use the back of your hand - that is the best way to start with this and reach towards a given area - meaning for example - test it - yah?

Try reaching towards a room or a space that you know is not a good place for you to go into. There may be a reason. By the way you don't have to open the door for instance if it is a closed room, just stand outside well away from it and reach your hand towards that door.

There might be any number of good reasons why it's not good for you to go in there but the test that you're doing here is not to see what's behind the door but rather to see how your body reacts as you reach towards it with the back of your left hand.

Take note what feelings you have in your physical body. Then go to another room, since I am applying this to indoors, and if that room is perfectly safe to enter and you know that it is then reach towards that with the back of your hand again standing well away from the door. The door being open or closed doesn't make any difference - reach towards it and notice how you feel in your physical body.

This is an important test and you can use it when you go outdoors to try it someplace there but for starters try it around the house. If you want to - go outdoors but make sure that if you are reaching towards something with the back of your left hand that it is definitely a safe thing to do.

I don't want you to take a chance towards something - meaning going towards something that is not safe. So practice in the house or in a building that you know is safe to practice in and then go outdoors and practice on a space that you know is safe for you and you will be able to note that that reaction in your body is exactly that that you felt towards the safe space in your house.

Give it a try. I'll say more about this in further talks about instinct which is something we can all use and will help us to feel safer. I know it, I believe it, I use it and I've been trained in it.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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