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The Wand Position
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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Understanding Mother Earth: Soil And More, Part 2

What if all of the cures to all the diseases that we have were in the soil itself but where in the soil and in what combination with other parts of the soil. Might it be possible that that could be found.

The worlds greatest laboratories are searching and perhaps they will find. If they don't find the cures it won't be for a lack of looking for they are in all honestness seeking but there may be right now - is there - there may be right now a means to acquire those cures.

I believe and I have been taught that some of the ancient teachings of earth through to the peoples of the Earth have survived or been rediscovered by those who are also in earnest pursuit of relief for the ills, aches and pains of others. Sometimes these people are called Medicine Women or Medicine Men because they know the ways of the plants.

Do you know that almost all plants we classify as weeds have this capability. They have learned to survive on a combination of nutrients that defy, very often, the experts as to how they can survive.

How can they grow practically in rocks? They have learned to survive not only for their own sake but for ours. They have within them, very often, the combination of elements that will cure many diseases not just one - that's the key to look for for those of you who are looking and very often they have the key or even the ability in some part of their form as we see it or that which is underground - the roots - to cure all diseases not just one.

It's important though to honor them when acquiring any parts from them - a leaf, a flower, even a small portion of root and don't destroy the plant even if you are a researcher medically.

The plant will not be able to accomplish its purpose to help us if you grow it in a laboratory because it's all in the soil you see, not just the plant itself - did you know that? It has to be acquired in part in the wild.

Try to go for that part that is offering itself. You might see a portion of root for example, that seems to have been moving above the surface. If so, try to have a sensitive person with you so you'll know if it's alright to acquire that part.

This may all seem to be a little much for those of you in science world but remember, very often the reason you went into science world - remember - was to help and also remember that even though we might not consider plants to be the same as human beings they are creations of Creator and remember that Creator has created a planet here that has microcosms and macrocosms.

The circle of life is intended and we must try to remember that all things support all other things and that all has feelings. Acquire what you must to experiment and seek with honor, appreciation and kindness.

Never take without permission. Ask for permission in the most benevolent way and if no plant gives permission, and they will not say yes or no you understand, you must go with feelings. I've spoken about this before so use that method in order to ask the plant if it is volunteering a portion of itself then use that method and see if you feel warmth.

If you do not feel warmth then it is not volunteering a portion of itself. Use that method to interact with all the plants whether they are co-operating in offering a portion of themselves or whether they are co-operating in offering only their energy. If no plant gives permission to take a portion of itself then you must utilize the energy of the plant while it is alive.

How to do that as a Scientist? Bring with you a petri dish that has a version of growing culture from that disease. With the sensitive person who has volunteered to come with you - alright - you hold the dish, using an extending tool of some sort - if it is made of wood that would be best, behind some portion of the plant or plants that you have found may be influential to cure this disease. You hold it behind or set it on the ground behind the plant exactly where the sensitive person says it's alright to put it.

Then ask the sensitive person to blow with their breath through the plant or plants towards the ground where the petri dish is sitting. Then wait. You ought to be able to see some differences in the structures in the petri dish within 12 to 15 minutes. Give it a try. It is my intention to help you find the cures in such a way as you can prove it to yourself.

Remember - everything is alive, deserves our respect and honor and remember - those cures are offered with love from plant beings misnamed weeds that are really plant doctors.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Foraged^Roots said...

I feel a true connection with earthly energies when asking for this permission.
On an other subject, the structural changes in the petri dish is an interesting experiment, allowed me to think of Masaru Emotos water crystal oracle.

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Foraged^Roots,

Thank you for your comment my friend.