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The Wand Position
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Monday, May 07, 2007

Understanding Mother Earth: Soil And More

Now comes a further understanding of the nature of Mother Earth's personality.

Mother Earth knows that she is a school for us all here and therefore she has created, with the guidance and support of Creator, the means for us to learn by creating a complete and closed system on Earth. Closed in the sense that, while there is influence from other planets and of course the sun and the moon, the functions of our bodies and of Earth happen exclusively here irregardless of the visitations of the occasional astronaut.

We come from the earth with a spark of soul within us and we return to the earth and everything that we need comes from some way by way of the earth and not just Earth as planet - in this case earth as soil.

How would you say could there be all these diseases that we get. Not just that cause death as we all must move on through the veil but all the suffering, all the pain. Within the soil there is the cure for all diseases but how to deliver that cure?

How else - either through walking on the soil and when one finds the exact right energy of a place on the land for an individual - breathing in through their feet that energy of that land and that soil but if one cannot find that than perhaps one can trust that the roots of a tree or the roots of a plant or a bush or yes what we call a weed might have found that exact soil and is touching it.

We do not need to uproot the tree or the bush or the weed. We only need to find that plant and stand in front of it and if it is the right plant we will know by the energy we feel - that warm feeling in our body or that good feeling of calm and peace.

We do not pick up the plant and tear it out of the soil, we simply look at it lovingly and in a very natural way while we're looking at it we take 3 deep breaths and exhale in a direction away from the plant for when we breathe in we breathe in that nurturing for our bodies that may support us through our difficult times and when we breathe out we blow gently away from the plant so that the pain and discomfort is blown into the air where it will be dispersed and returned to its natural energy.

I know this may sound simplistic but it is what I've been taught and what I believe through my experience. Let us now begin to assemble, those of you who are doing this or those of you who can, not just the names of plants that can help with this or that but the good places on the Earth that still have benevolent energy.

Let us remember that breathing in through parts of our body is possible. Of course we use our lungs and diaphragm and mouth to breath in but practice when you feel safe and comfortable wherever your feet are by imagining that breath coming in through the bottoms of your feet and you might even feel a sense of energy moving up your body. And if you feel the need to release energy from your body than you can lie down perhaps and aim your feet into the sky as best as possible or away from where people and animals are as best you can and simply allow yourself to push energy out through the bottoms of your feet by blowing out and letting that energy or discomfort be dispersed that way.

Remember if you cannot do anything else - the Earth curves so imagine that energy blowing out of the bottom of your feet and going 10, 20 miles. When it does that it will surely be in the sky.

Mother Earth means to provide this closed system so we will learn our natural magical abilities and what we consider magic now may simply be what is natural for us as natural beings. Yes in this age of technology - and support from all directions that is available at times we can still use what is natural to us, what the animals use, what the plants use and we must also remember we are here for only a certain amount of time because this is school and when recess takes place and our body returns to Earth we then continue on in our benevolent natural cycles. It is like breath. We breathe in, we breathe out and we go on indefinitely.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Seven said...

Hi Robert,
I really like the ideas in this post. I have the sense that you understand this connection in ways so many of us are still learning, and many might feel rejecting of the course you offer. But, I have some simple experiences in life of this type grounding with the earth and my experience is that the power and comfort is real if we open ourselves to both the power and the comfort.
BEG and i have a favorite place near Austin Texas. It is a naturist resort where all pieces of clothing you wear can be discarded, and I mean ALL pieces. There are sandy trails overhung by large cedar trees. The sand is warm on the feet, the birds sing above, the air is fresh, BEG and I are hand in hand. I become reconnected in profound ways Thank you for reminding me.

My name is Silver Bluewater. said...

Hi, Mr.Robert. Although I have experienced only front page posts, I have felt very sapid by the joy of having read of a good writing. Maybe I felt relieved and interested by reading your post partly due to the fact that my favorite academia is psychology. I've recently found the blog and it's very fun. I stoped near by your blog through blog(preferably
web)surfing. Have a nice day.

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Silver, thank you for your visit to my blog.

I have taken a look at yours and it seems to be coming along well. I feel it is good for you to keep up your art and your studies.

I am sure you will find that the path upon which you walk will support you well.


Robert Shapiro said...

Seven, thank you for your comments on Soil and your experiences upon it.

I agree that in our natural state it is a welcoming feeling almost as if we, the once soil, were being welcomed home by the someday to be embodied soil.