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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Continuing Your Instinct Education, Part 2

Let us consider instinct further. A little homework for you now - nothing too complex.

I'd like you to go out on the land if you possibly can, out in the countryside or if you have a big back yard or a friend has one, preferably a place that's quiet and safe.

When you are there pick out a place in that yard or on that landscape - possibly a tree - lets say a tree alright. Preferably an older bigger tree but if it is a younger tree - alright - not a sapling though.

Go up to the tree. Simply say, "Goodlife" out loud - you can whisper it if you like and see how you feel physically in your body. Oh you might feel a little nervous at first, maybe even a little silly but goodlife is something that trees say - not out loud but it is a blessing that they give to each other and others.

After you say goodlife notice how you feel physically. If you feel relaxed and calm then that's the tree. If you feel uncomfortable then look for another tree until you find one where you can stand 6 or 8 or 10 feet in front of it, whatever feels best, and say goodlife and feel relaxed and comfortable.

When that happens then step back. If you are in a yard step back as far as you can get away from the tree - alright. If you are in the countryside then step back at least 20 or 25 feet from the tree.

Then walk slowly with your eyes open, glancing regularly towards the tree, paying attention to where you are walking but also making an effort to feel the bottoms of your feet when you are walking towards the tree. Notice with as complete concentration as you possibly can muster how you physically feel the closer you come to the tree.

When you are within 6, 8 or 10 feet of the tree, approximately - you don't have to measure it, then particularly pay attention to how you feel.

You can walk right up to the tree if you don't feel any different - that means the tree is going to allow you to touch it perhaps. When you get close enough to the tree to touch it reach out with your right or left hand, which ever one you wish, and move your hand slowly towards the tree all the while paying attention to how you feel in your body.

If at any point you feel uncomfortable - stop. Say, "Goodlife" and move back a ways and simply say, "Goodlife" again and that's the end of the homework.

If on the other hand you feel relaxed and comfortable then touch the tree with the back of your fingers or the back of your hand - alright - if it's safe to touch - alright - and that's all. After you touch the tree you can remove your hand and say, "Goodlife." This is instinctual training.

There will be more to come at some point. It's important to get you started on it however so that you will learn discernment. Discernment on the physical level is different than it is on the mental level because it has everything to do with your personal physical safety which may be different from person to person. It also has to do with your awareness of your own physical body.

You don't have to learn instinct but you do need to learn the signals your body gives you so that you will understand the instinct you now have.

More another time. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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