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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Understanding Mother Earth: Time, Part 1

There is a time on Earth that is changing now - why do I say on Earth. Time has begun to shift into a function that no longer measures experience.

In the past we have identified - well we did this at this time or we did that at that time and we have used linear time as we understand it to identify our lives but time as we have known it has begun to shift.

Many of you have noticed this in the circumstances of your lives not only because there has been seemingly less time to do things but also because there is a sense that the means to do what we need to do requires more of that which we seem to have less of - which is time.

How can we be able to conduct our lives when the clock seems to be working against us. Using time as we have it is not possible - however time is altering.

There is something called experiential time. Experiential time is something that measures what we do while we are doing it in the moment we are doing it but does not measure it by the clock as we have known it. You might say - well I did that in the day time or I did that in the night time. Experiential time is something that appears to be complicated but really isn't.

The moments of our lives are beginning to shift. I will tell you the exact place where time has been noted by those who live there as something that is shifting and that is in the Himalayas. In the region of the Himalaya Mountains there has been a very profound shift and the effect is such that people who live there or visit there often note that there are gaps in their memories of what they did when.

This is not something that is strictly a magnetic effect of the mountains or some mineral deposit in the mountains - that is not the case though there are those who have looked into that. It is that Mother Earth herself is co-operating in what we need.

We need to have a profound occurrence that will show us that what we believe to be immovable and unchangeable can be altered. In short, we need physical evidence to prove to us that our needs can be served beyond the possible.

If you inquire, you won't have to look to far to find people who have had experiences there of this shift in their experience of time.

Mother Earth's mountains are connected as you all know because mountain chains travel, so to speak, geographically. Be there water or be there land there are mountains present even if they are not identifiable.

Often they are underground. That may sound strange but for those who understand geography they understand what I mean. Mountains may not have thrust up yet, speaking in terms of geologic time, or they may have been there once but have worn down or they might simply be covered by something else for the moment - speaking again in geological time.

To put it simply, time is changing and it will spread. It will serve us very well. I'll say more about this - as time goes on.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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