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The Wand Position
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Monday, May 08, 2006

Passing On The Energies Benevolently, Part 2

I spoke to you last time about breathing in benevolent energy through your head and blowing it at something that would improve the energy in that area as in the case of a room for instance that didn't feel good. Now I want to give you part two of that.

I have at times seen visions of cars crashing or even planes in desperate straits - always this is something at a great distance. I can tell because very often the planes look old - meaning the type of planes that might have been flown during World War Two that are still being flown here and there around the world but no place around where I live - and the cars frequently look a bit unusual - for instance it came up just the other day where I saw a couple of cars - it looked like they were going to crash and at first I didn't know what to make of it because it was a vision - a vision in my case meaning like a waking dream - seeing it but being wide awake.

Then I remembered to do the energy and so the energy came in and I felt it very benevolently at the top of my head and I breathed in slowly and I consciously made the effort to blow that energy towards the picture I had seen - the vision you understand and I also requested that it be gold light and when I do this I always see it as gold light spreading towards that.

I've done that also in situations where I felt that a plane might be in trouble. As I've said I always seem to see it with these old cargo planes that may be operating in some distant part of the world.

I don't do it as a rule with things that I see in person physically but I have done this a few times with human beings who are not feeling good - individuals - people I know and when I do that with this beautiful energy they always feel better. I do it also with myself and my own physical body and it helps me to feel better.

I am hopeful that some of you will notice that you have this benevolent energy and learn to recognize how it feels and try that thing with your breath. Always practice on yourself first so you know that it is something that feels good. Learn how to do that.

Never blow at anything if you're feeling a discomforting energy. This is not good for you and it's not good for them and I simply don't recommend it. It may and probably is the case that they won't feel a thing but it could come back to you in some way that isn't good. That's what I recommend based on what I've heard experiences others have had - it's not something I have done so I can't speak about it personally but it comes in the training you know - that to do it this way not do it that way so I'm passing on the training as well. I'm not to worried about any of you doing that kind of thing because I don't think you're interested in that. Nevertheless it's good to mention it - yes.

So - a little further about a plane I once saw. I saw this plane and it looked like it was just flying along but I had a flash as if something - I call it a flash meaning - a flash is an image or a vision that is so briefly available it's like a split second so I call those things a flash and the flash looked like the plane was in trouble so I breathed in the energy and I blew the energy and gold light towards what I'd seen.

I don't know of course and I probably never will know in this life whether it did any good but because I've had good experience of such energy blown with positive energy and good feeling and love and gold light towards human beings and with myself with positive results I believe it helps wherever that plane may be and wherever those cars may be and I hope this inspires you to consider that you may have these capabilities as well.

Look in to it, practice slowly and carefully, try it out on yourself first and maybe good friends to see if it works and if you feel it does work - if you get visions then try it. Perhaps it will be good and just to be sure you can say the following Living Prayer if you like. You might say, "I am asking that all energies I blow towards any and all beings wherever they may be have only benevolent results and develop into the most benevolent outcome."


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