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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Encounters With The Natural World Of Physical And Nonphysical

I recall once going into a shop years ago when I was living in Southern California. I was very young then and I don't really recall why I went into the store.

It was a very small store and I believe it was somewhere in Hollywood or in that general area. I walked in and the owner was nowhere to be seen nor was there any helper so I slowly walked towards a counter where there was a cash register and other items that you'd see that a cashier or helper might be available but instead of a helper coming out - somebody else came out.

It was a very big dog - question mark - no - it was something other than a dog and the dog being looked at me and suddenly stood up and put his front paws on my shoulders and I have to tell you - I felt like he was towering over me. There was the biggest so called dog I've ever seen.

He was huge. Sort of a charcoal grey - not really black but almost. The owner came out and chuckled and said, "I don't think I've seen him do that for years - not with somebody he didn't know."

I asked him if it was okay to pet him and the owner said, "No, he's acknowledging you and in a particularly friendly way. He only occasionally does that with me now" and the dog-being got down and wandered back behind the counter again.

I realized he was very old. I hadn't realized that right away. I asked the man what kind of dog he was and the man said he was a wolf. I asked him of course how in the world he had obtained a wolf to live with and he said that someone had given him the baby when they had a few cubs - I would assume perhaps a hunter who realized that he'd shot a wolf that had cubs - I don't know. Anyway, this was my encounter with a wolf in physical form.

There was another occasion though where I encountered a wolf in spirit form. I think I'll tell you about that next time.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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