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Thursday, May 25, 2006

More On The Deer Walk

There was a time once when I was working with a particularly talented student.

I remember that we went up to one of my favorite spots - a place that was special. It's in Flagstaff Arizona but I don't want to say exactly where - and this student was the sort of person who was a quick study. She was the sort of person that you could show her something once and she would get it. I admire that quality and it is not something that I necessarily have myself.

What I wanted to show her since she was fond of the animals and they were fond of her was how to do the deer walk. The deer walk can only be successful if you have a benevolent energy and no agenda that might harm deer or their friends and family and that you would actually like to see or be around deer.

I taught her how to do the deer walk which I can't really explain here because it is so visual and did it as an example for her suggesting the energies to request - and it would be up to her what she wanted to request but to feel as a deer as best she could and to move like a deer as best she could and after seeing my example she did do it.

It didn't last too long and then we stopped and she said quite reasonably, "What next" and I said, "Lets wait a while."

We waited not very long and we heard a rustling amongst the trees and along came a deer. The deer was nibbling a few leaves as deer will do to survive and we didn't move at all - just stood perfectly still.

The deer looked right at us, nodded just the way you or I would nod to another person and continued to walk near us though it was not necessary - the deer could have walked a different direction but walked near us roughly around our auric fields.

So given that we were attempting to make space for the deer - the deer walked in an arc about twelve feet away from us and continued past us and on into the forrest and on with deers life.

I'm mentioning this to you today to let you know that the animals are really quite prepared to embrace us even though the deer have good reason to be afraid of humans.

We were both putting out an energy of welcome and thank you for being and she said later that she had invited a deer to come if it would be comfortable for that being to do so.

The animals do love us and care for us even though they might have not met us as individuals - is that not wonderful. Goodlife.

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