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The Wand Position
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Friday, June 02, 2006

Encounters With The Natural World Of Physical And Nonphysical, Part 2

I thought I'd tell you this time about an interesting encounter I had with an unusual spirit being.

It started out as a wonderful occasion where I was in Sedona with several friends and a visiting Shaman-Mystical Man-Medicine Man, he was all of those things, of a Northern American tribe. He wanted to see a particular area in Sedona and one of my friends knew the area well and said, "Let's all go together."

So we got in the car and drove out a ways to an area where there were red rocks and many drawings in various forms on the walls of these hollowed out areas - not quite caves.

It was a short walk up and the visiting Shaman pointed out many things that he knew and understood about the different clans - tribal clans that had visited there and why they put those drawings on the wall that way. After that education which was very interesting we walked back down to the car and got back in as he wanted to see other places.

We were driving back down the road and all of a sudden there on the left of the road just a short ways in front of us - we were driving very slowly - perhaps maybe forty or fifty feet in front of us was a wolf. He was dark in color, not black - more like a charcoal grey in color and he stopped quietly by the side of the road.

I might mention that the view off of the road to the left and the right was completely clear and I had not seen him emerge from anywhere. He was just suddenly there.

I stopped the car and the wolf glancing in the direction of our car ambled across the road and when he got to the other side - disappeared.

Our visiting Shaman friend chuckled a little bit and said that the wolf often came in spirit form to visit him since he was a member of a clan that was associated with that being in a benevolent way.

I did get out of the car after a moment and went off to the side of the road and made a small offering of what I had. I must say that there was absolutely nowhere - I really had to take a quick glimpse to see for myself - there was absolutely nowhere for any being to disappear there, absolutely nowhere.

So that was an interesting encounter with a spirit wolf. I thought you might be interested. I know many of you see spirit animals and it's something to take note of - isn't it. That was a special day. I appreciated meeting that man. He had a lot to offer and advised me in some ways about my health that I found most helpful. Goodlife.


Foraged^Roots said...

This gave me chills, literally. Wolf spirit, I just painted this!

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you for your comment my friend.