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The Wand Position
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Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Different Kind Of Windows

I find that wherever I am - if I'm there for at least a few hours and longer even more so, that certain phenomena takes place.

Of course to me it is no longer phenomena but a part of my life. I experienced one of those forms of phenomena today.

One thing that occurs is what I call a window - meaning I will get a quick impression - a visual you understand of something that is there. Usually it is in a form - sometimes it does look like a window albeit small. Other times it is a flash of light.

Occasionally it is something that lingers in different colors of light. One of my favorite forms is that the flash of light, when that takes place literally illuminates a whole portion of the room.

I have on occasion been somewhat drowsy and awakened by such a flash of light. I must admit when it first happened I looked outside to see if there was something going on - a vehicle passing by or something like that but every time I did that there was nothing and then I gradually realized that this was another version of the phenomena I see.

I'm calling it phenomena for lack of a better word. My true feeling about it is that this is life all around us.

I feel, as a result of my experience as well as my general sense of awareness, that we are surrounded by all forms of life - some of which are readily apparent to our eye or to our senses but others which are only subtle or perhaps are giving off a form of physical evidence only briefly such as things I've alluded to here.

I'm sharing this with you today because I feel that it is likely that more and more of you will have these experiences and I want to encourage you not to discount them.

Consider first and foremost - how do you feel after the experience. In my case I almost always feel a very benevolent energy - something relaxing, comforting and sometimes even with a heart warmth which is a very loving feeling.

So I ask you, when such things happen to you first take note - how do you feel. Granted, if it starts to happen and you're new to it you might have a sense of excitement but that will pass in time.

Always take note - how do you feel. If it doesn't feel good for any reason - meaning you get a genuinely uncomfortable feeling then this is what to do - this is what I recommend.

Take a breath as if you were able to breathe in through the top of your head which is almost always a space, for most of us, where the energy is at its most clear - even though you're breathing in through your mouth and into your lungs of course.

Imagine yourself pulling in energy through the top of your head. Then in the area where you saw the apparition, light or whatever it was - phenomena - gently blow - not firmly - gently blow out of your mouth in that direction.

If there is a human being there, blow someplace above the human being. I do not generally urge you to blow towards a human being.

If however there are a great many human beings at a distance, you can blow very gently in that direction. Blow so gently that you can hardly tell, meaning that if you put your fingers in front of your mouth you'd barely feel anything, and that will shove anything away that is harmful to you or that is simply uncomfortable or feels uncomfortable.

It will shove it away gently in a way that protects you and harms nothing.

Well, let me know how you're doing with this. It might be an interesting experience.


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