The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Feeling The Ground As One's Self

There was a time once when I fell lightly upon the ground and in the course of the fall I could, as in slow motion, just as much see the ground coming towards me as I could feel the ground being ready to receive me.

There was something about feeling the ground being ready to receive me that broke my fall and made it less injurious than it might have otherwise been.

I know that this all would have happened in a second - not much more than that, maybe two but it felt like a slow motion experience because on my way down I realized there was no way to avoid falling.

I relaxed and literally felt myself as myself and felt the ground also as myself. Now this wasn't a thought - it was just something that I did that I felt that was an experience and I really feel that even though that ground was hard packed - very solid with a few stones - that it somehow softened the ground because when I hit it while it felt firm I should have been hurt considering how I fell but I didn't and I got right up, dusted myself off and thanked the earth.

What can you learn from this? This is what I recommend and I also want to say don't assume that I'm suggesting this because I think you may fall - it's not that. What this is about today is feeling the earth as one's self.

Find a place. It might be in your own backyard or front yard. It might be in a park that's near your home that you feel good about. It might be out in the country someplace if you can get there or if you live there.

Find a place where you feel safe, comfortable and at ease. This is most important.

You can touch the ground with your hands if you wish or you can simply take off your shoes and socks and feel the ground with your feet. Your feet are just as sensitive and perhaps even more so then your hands.

Stand there for a moment or if you're crouched down sit there for a moment and feel the ground. Look at it - don't close your eyes - look at it and see if you can experience moving, not out of your body but extending from your body into the land itself right there - so that you feel at least that part of the land as a part of yourself.

That's your training. It's a good way to begin to identify with earth and it also has a side benefit.

We know that our bodies come from the earth and that after we as souls move on our bodies return to the earth but did you know that your body sometimes misses the earth since that is its point of origin.

This also gives your body a chance to feel safe and comfortable and connected to the Earth and sometimes this can recharge your body. It reminds your body who it is and where it is from and this can be a great comfort to your physical self.

That's a little side benefit. It doesn't speed your way towards the end of your life - just the opposite. It might when done from time to time actually bring enough comfort to your body that your body might feel reassured that it is guaranteed to return from whence it came and there is no rush to get there.

Goodlife to you all.

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samuru999 said...

Beautiful Robert!
I am going to a guiet park today..
and I shall practice this!
Thank you!