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The Wand Position
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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Providing Relief Where You Can

I recall a time once when a friend and I went to a UFO conference at a US university.

We got there early and were able to socialize with some people who had had contact with extraterrestrials. I remember that some of the stories were really special and unique and the one thing I noticed about all of the contactees was that they all were completely normal, rational everyday people who had had strange and unusual experiences.

Having had some of these experiences myself, I felt that I fit right in and my friend - though she didn't remember experiences like that had had unusual spiritual experiences her whole life.

I was supposed to speak there the next day, as I recall but that night my friend had an accident and broke her foot.

I recall at the time she was in terrible pain and I felt a great urge to do something to help her and just then I felt a surge of energy in my forehead and top of my head.

I thought I ought to touch her with my hands but I knew, I can't explain how, I just knew I was supposed to touch her foot with my head and I did so and as benevolence would have it the pain went away for her immediately and the pain did not return for three days.

This was a great blessing since - because of her delicate constitution she was unable to take much in the way of medical relief.

So for three days, during which time she, of course immediately had a Doctor look at it and set her foot - for that time of the setting and the visit to the Doctor and a couple of days afterwards there was no pain but then she had the discomfort which returned.

I don't know what to say about this experience except that I was glad I was able to help her over the hump, so to speak, and I am hopeful that this may be something I can share with you.

I can't tell you exactly how I did it because it just happened but I would recommend this as I have done similar things from time to time in the past and that is that if you find yourself near a traffic accident - going past somebody who has been injured or just around someone who's sick and not feeling well - ask for the most benevolent and nurturing energies to be present for you and if you feel something benevolent - a gentle energy at the top of your head but only if you feel that then if you like you can breathe gently in and ask that only that gentle energy be present when you breathe in - and very gently blow in the direction of the scene of the accident or of your friend or companion who may be injured or not feeling well.

Remember, only blow in that direction if you feel that gentle energy at the top of your head. If you don't feel that energy then say this, "I am asking that all those injured, hurt, suffering or in pain feel now a great sense of relief and experience all the benevolence that is available for them from all those who can give them relief and comfort them."


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