The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Monday, October 23, 2006

Attraction And Application, Part 2

Now that you've tried or have found your place to pull yourself towards - lets do something else in that vein.

I'd like you to pick a place on the land that is closer to you. Again, it is not to be something manmade, not to be a human being, not to be an animal but simply a place on the land.

Always try to make it someplace where there is nothing manmade including - for example - an electrical wire in the air going from one place to another between you and the thing you've picked - to the best of your ability as far as you can see - just someplace in this case blank on the land but that you can see, that is not too far from you. It can be - oh say a hundred yards away or as close as 75 feet away but you don't have to measure it, just make your best guess.

Then I'd like you to do the same exact homework as last time. Imagine a rope or a connection between you and that place and using your solar plexus - pull. The intention is not to pull the land towards you but because it is an immovable object to pull you towards that.

There is a reason to do this and I will say more about it in time but that's your homework for now.

I will say this last thing. I believe that there was a time in the past when there were people all over the Earth that knew how to do these things. Now there are just a few of us - I can feel that I'm not the only one.

I want to pass these things on and since I have not many apprentices at the moment I'm nominating you if you want to participate.

I'm not going to reveal anything dangerous here. I have from time to time had critics who have honestly, genuinely and from their hearts suggested that this is not a place to reveal such things and I agree that it can only be done here gently and with heart. So I will merely lay the foundations as I have been doing here.

Know that the homework I've given in this last post here and this one today can only be used for benevolent things and I assure you, safety mechanisms have been put in place to make it possible to only use it for that which is benevolent.

So, practice on the land and practice with good heart. There is reason, there is purpose, there's love and there is yes - co-ordination involved here. Co-ordination of a different type that is designed to enable you to interact benevolently with the Earth in ways that she uses, as I've been taught - in balancing and ordering and in interacting with all parts of herself.


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