The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Attraction And Application

There was a time in the beginning of my career when I had doubts. No matter what I was able to do I would - even after having been trained and having accomplished it well - I would have doubts. I would question what had happened.

Now as time has gone on and I've been trained to do many, many more things and have the evidence afterwards of having been involved in these creations I no longer have much in the way of doubts.

In fact I feel comfortable when observing the physical results - such as inviting the rain or even deflecting from this place or that place in the world some event of proportion.

Excuse me for being vague but I have been taught to do some things involved with the natural processes of Mother Earth and have been taught how to know, with physical evidence, when it's alright to request that this happen and when it's alright to participate in the motion of something one way or another - by this I mean I have on occasion been able to reduce through influence with Mother Earth the power of an earthquake or move very gently a storm - so that it would miss land.

Along these lines it is easy afterwards to say - did I really do that - and I have found that over time I'm more aware of having participated in it.

Now I'd like to bring it to your attention, more of the steps in accomplishing these things and to also let you know that you also will have doubts because we have been trained to believe that we cannot do things - that the impossible is all around us and that we are just trying to get by as best as possible.

In my experience we can do a great deal - even an individual. I am an individual and I have been taught how to do many things. I have encouraged you over time to try this, to try that. Many times these are all steps towards benevolently influencing - now I will suggest that you try something else.

Be alert to the fact that I'm not suggesting this so that you would actually accomplish what it is I'm suggesting - this is simply another step in your training if you wish to participate.

I'm going to recommend that you put your gaze on an immovable object. It must be something that is - in its own right - solid and a portion of Mother Earth. So this means that it cannot be something manmade - not a building for instance.

It can be a very large old tree which does not necessarily have to be alive but it must be well and firmly rooted to the ground. It can, and this would be better, be a mountain or a mesa or even a hill. If so then it would be best that you are either at the base of it or even at some distance from it but can see it. It is not to be the moon or the sun or a star in the sky - it must be something on the land.

This is what I'd like you to try. I'd like you to look at it and then with the solar plexus, if you know where that is - I think you do, I want you to pull. Don't pull the object towards you - rather imagine a cord or a rope if you like between you and that object and pull with the idea that since it is an immovable object you see - pull in such a way as you can feel yourself being drawn towards it.

You have to do this from your solar plexus, not from your belly button but from your solar plexus.

Thats all. Just do it once. If you feel like it and if you feel comfortable you can do it twice. Now this isn't to attract yourself to anything but it's a step towards homework and I'm going to suggest that you try it now. I will say more about this next time.


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