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The Wand Position
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Friday, October 06, 2006

Orienting Yourself

I recall as a youngster feeling out of step with the other kids at school. This may very well have been the same feeling that they had but of course one doesn't know at that tender age - still that feeling persisted for some time and really - has threads even now in my life.

The one thing that I have come to realize over the years is that it is very possible to feel out of step when one does not have the awareness, especially at a tender age, that you have a skill or an ability that simply hasn't either been discovered by those around you and can point it out to you in a complimentary fashion or that they simply have not observed it or don't say anything.

Two suggestions - parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties, everyone who are around children - pay special attention if your youngster shows a special aptitude for something.

It isn't going to make the other children feel bad because if you notice that they feel funny or they seem to look down and start studying their shoes or their toes when you are complimenting someone be sure and say to them all when your done - even if you have to go around and say it when the time presents itself - that they also have special skills and of course they will immediately ask you what they are and you say - I'll point them out to you when I see them.

It's very important to reinforce this, as I'm sure many of you know.

Now for the young people out there I want you to pay attention in your life. Have you noticed something that you're good at or that you find is easier to do.

I'm not talking about a lifetime job or a career here, I'm talking about something simple - something that you do in your day to day life. Perhaps it's something that you think is insignificant or even trivial.

Be aware that everyone is born with - usually three things that they can do very easily that other people will struggle with. They might seem to be everyday ordinary things or more likely it is some portion of something that when it is put into your life at a later time will be a cornerstone or even an essential part of something else.

So try to pay attention especially when your friends say, even sarcastically, that it's easy for you to do that. Pay attention to that because those remarks - while they might feel hurtful or even as delivered as an insult, a put down - turn it over on the other side. It might be an observation that something is easy for you and obviously since they said it that way - isn't for them.

This is a way to find out that something is a talent or an ability that you were born with. I know that might seem obvious at times but other times it's very vague.

It's good to pay attention to these things especially when there aren't any parents, grandparents, friends or uncles or aunties around to observe and tell you that you have talents and abilities and that even though Earth and her peoples and your family and others are here to welcome you that somehow these talents and abilities - whether a part of something else or something specific in itself - are needed now in some way on the Earth or you wouldn't have them.



Ilias- said...

Very nice Robert. Ahh, what a valuable thing to do, to reinforce the things in children that are their gifts. A lot of children have gifts in art for example, and though we are taught that we can all make art, some have a special affinity for it and would likely be excited to know that that is what they do better than anyone else. Great follow up on letting others know they have gifts as well and that as they are discovered so they are communicated. Thank you much.

Robert Shapiro said...

Ilias, thank you for your comment. Do you know, I can remember way back in the early years of grade school a student who's name may have been Jane - I don't remember her last name.

She had the most wonderful ability even then, as a very young girl, to draw horses and she drew them all the time. She could draw other things too but it was just so startling.

Oddly enough she had no idea that she could do something that well. Everyone thought it was wonderful but I wonder to this day - did others tell her at home that she had this talent.

Well, hopefully as she moved on in life she found out what a wonderfully talented person she was.
Thank you again for your comment and I do appreciate very much your service in New Mexico.