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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What About Earth Changes

Let us consider now, the term "Earth changes" which many of us have been hearing for years and years. Having just experienced one of these changes in a most pronounced way I have come to a conclusion that may seem obvious to most of you.

I have considered it in the past but my feeling is this - the real lesson of Earth changes is that our host, Mother Earth, must do things for herself.

How often have we had friends over perhaps, and needed to do something for ourselves. Sometimes it was something simple albeit perhaps a little embarrassing and other times it was something more complex.

How is it possible to do these things when people come over and yet we find a way don't we - and that's a simple if somewhat amusing situation but what about when you are host to millions of beings to say nothing of animals and plants and all kinds of beings eh and you have to do something for yourself.

My feeling is that a lot of what Earth changes is about, is about acceptance and allowance. Mother Earth is a sterling example to us about allowance - what she allows us to do on her and even to her. I would like to say that I know many of us would prefer that we be good guests and not harm Mother Earth and yet how do we live, how do we survive.

My feeling is that Mother Earth does understand that it is in our nature as it is with all life to survive as best they can.

Maybe that's the key. Lets consider how we can survive as best we can on Earth while doing as little damage to Earth as possible. I know many of you have considered this but I'm adding my voice to yours in a gentle way to support that.

Earth changes may simply be about bringing to our attention that Mother Earth is alive, she must do things for herself as we often do and that we can - as a good guest accept that with a minimum amount of complaint. I am hopeful that Earth changes now and in the future will be as gentle and benevolent as possible for all of us and for Earth herself.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

1 comment:

Robert Shapiro said...

Patrice, what a wonderful example. Thank you for sharing it.
It is an interesting reality isn't it how the best of intentions can get a little bent eh. It's a good thing you were there to smooth things out.