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Friday, August 24, 2007

Magic, Sorcery And How Things Work

Greetings. I have on occasion been critical of sorcery. I want you to understand something clearly. My definition of sorcery here, when I refer to it on this blog unless I say otherwise, means magic done with intent to harm but I am not condemning those who are sorcerers who conduct ceremony, magic and other benevolent practices intended to be blessings to all beings.

I wanted to make that clear because it came up recently and I may have hurt some peoples feelings by my definition and I want to clear that up. There is a great deal of magic that can be done without people's verbal permission and it will work because if it is benevolent you see - for all beings then souls invariably give permission.

One thing that must be released however and you cannot have an attachment to it - and this goes for all who study here - one cannot be attached nor in any way inflict revenge. If you want the magic to work dependably and regularly you must let go of revenge or anything like it.

I know that's not easy. Sometimes it's very hard and sometimes it seems totally justified but you have to decide - do you want to try to revenge? The trouble with revenging magic is that it almost always filters back in some way to that individual conducting that magic or worse yet has a tendency to filter out into the community at large in some mildly or even major destructive way - to say nothing of revenge and then the continuing action of action and revenge which we all know is not correcting any problems.

So - all of you out there who are learning about magic, understand - you must let go of revenge - and all magic I will instruct here will have everything to do with benevolence for all beings - regardless.

In this way the outcome is almost guaranteed to be benevolent. And in that sense why do I say almost. There are some things - beings you understand, not necessarily human beings - and also some human beings and beings in general that may have to go their own way - and those who do magic regardless of what title you go by have to accept that. We after all, cannot know all things and regardless of the magic we do we have to accept that it will work most of the time when it is benevolent to all beings but if it doesn't work there is something we do not know. Maybe many things and perhaps some other outcome is needed or Creator sees that that is the best way at least temporarily to have that outcome.

Keep these things in mind as you read, study and practice what I have to offer here and remember - wisdom does come with experience but you can assimilate and sometimes learn from the experience of others. I am hopeful you will learn from what you read, study and practice here and that you apply it benevolently for yourself and others.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Louis said...


I can certainly attest to the fact that if a person uses magic for the wrong purpose it can rebound with some very unpleasent effects. When I first began working in magic I made a couple of mistakes and the result for me personally was not something I'll forget.


Robert Shapiro said...

Louis, thank you for your comment. I know that was not an easy thing to say publicly but I do appreciate your confirming that such errors - however innocently they are tripped over hurt just the same.

I am quite certain that your "toe" has healed up well by now and the chances of your stubbing it in the future are not really on the map anymore.

Goodlife my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hello Robert,

Reading this post again made me remember a particular instance several years ago when I discovered something that I believe would qualify under this mother admitted to having put a picture of myself face-to-face together with another person's, in a sealed envelope, apparently upon the advice of some 'fortune-teller', in the hope of instigating a romance between the two of us- complete strangers- as part of their belief system of 'arranged marriages'.

Needless to say, I was shocked upon hearing that. Now that I recollect this, what, do you suggest, if anything, I ought to do?

With thanks,

ps I agreed to meet this person once and nothing transpired between us. My mother told me that the 'fortune-teller' had told them that initially, nothing would happen between us, but at a much later date, we would be attracted to each other. It would be good to clear something like that, I think...

Robert Shapiro said...

Patricia, thank you for your comment. It is a clear instance of an attempt to force something isn't it - even though it was done with the "best of intentions."

I'll tell you why things like that do not usually work regardless of who tries it and whatever the intention may be. Magic works because it is benevolent for those whom it effects.

Your soul and spirit always knows whether something is being attempted or whether something would be of any value for you and magic is not so very unlike a request in that it might prompt something or smooth the way for something to occur that your soul and spirit would welcome.

There are several instances of this that you can think of. For example, perhaps somebody is doing something that is a self destructive path - I'm not referring to you here, this is an example - and they feel they cannot help themselves and they continue on this path of self destruction but then somebody engages magic to support them moving not just off that path but onto a path that will genuinely feel to them more benevolent and the way happens so easily and simply they are able to move off of that old path because they welcome the move to the new path.

Your spirit oversees, to an extent, your life on Earth. Your soul is the portion of your spirit that actually engages or sparks your physical existence here. Your soul and spirit recognize when magic, as it is called, is smoothing the way for you to let go of something - in the case of my example here - that is actually harming you as long as you are able to let it go in a benevolent way for you and move onto something else that feels better.

That's why magic works you see, because all souls agree that it is not only acceptable but more desirable.

Now - a little more. You do not have to do anything about the pictures, the envelope, any of that stuff. You can see clearly that the suggestion, the envelope, the pictures had no effect on your life and you actually could look upon it as something that you and the other person tested. You got together, there was no attraction, that was it. So regardless of the best of intentions of the person offering the suggestion and in this case your mother attempting to encourage that relationship your soul and the other persons soul had other plans and that's that.

That is my answer to you because it's important, your question - it's important to understand also that magic done even with a desire to "make somebody's life better" still only works with their permission and all parties engaged in any way to co-operate in that must agree at the soul and spirit level. For whatever actions they contribute to this outcome must be something that feels good to them, is of ease for them and that their soul and spirit agree.


Patricia said...

Hello again Robert,

And thank you for your words in response to my concern...

Following on from the same themes of your recent posts both here and on the Benevolent Magic blog, I would like to just say that I, personally, am feeling the effects greatly recently of accumulated unprocessed evolving and resonated much with what you had to my own case, I feel that it is a combination of astrological movements, karmic and soul prior-life requests actualising in our 'now' time and much of what had been spoken of in your books, altogether. It seems that one has to continually remind oneself of focusing on breath and heart-work in order to just simply 'get through' 24 hours...let alone disentanglement and love-heat!!!

And if our souls HAD really chosen our parents and certain invidividuals in order for us to evolve more 'quickly', then are we supposed to continue with 'hardships', 'sufferings' and 'injustices' visited upon us through these individuals? Can we stay centred in our own loving, protected 'non-action' regardless of the problems and burdens put upon us? So, in other words, if wounds had been inflicted upon us, we are, as spiritual beings, to accept it all willingly without retaliation...perhaps I've answered my own questions after all...I just feel that I have been pushed to my very limits recently- an accumulation of others' actions upon me...and maybe you would then reply: that may be because you had chosen to undertake all this beforehand...(sigh)

Well, I suppose it's like having to 'keep on keeping on', if you know it's the why resist, right?

I do feel blessed to have come across your work in the past years, progressing through these strenuous times- the results are very tangible and I cannot imagine not having that as a part of my life and continuing knowledge- more importantly, being applied knowledge...Especially your blogs here now...